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Top 5 American Box-Field Players

I recently did a video for The Lacrosse Network about the Top 5 American Box Lacrosse Players, who also dominate when it comes to field lacrosse.

Watch the video below for some awesome highlights and a quick statement about each player, and why they made the list. Below the video you can find MLL and NLL stats for each player, as well as other accolades. All of that helped me create my list of the Top 5 American Box Lacrosse Players, who also dominate when it comes to field lacrosse.

This I missed someone? Drop your thoughts in the comments section!

Top 5 American Box-Field Players

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5 – Mitch Belisle – Minnesota Swarm (NLL), Boston Cannons (MLL)

Belisle has played six NLL seasons (he didn’t play last year) but is back on the roster for Minnesota. He has played in 91 career games, scored 1o goals to go with 27 assists, and has scooped up an impressive 440 loose balls. He has 110 penalty minutes, and has taken four draws, losing all four. So face offs aren’t his strength, give the guy a break. He has played for the New York Titans, Boston Blazers, and now the Minnesota Swarm. He has also played for Team USA both indoors and outdoors. He won the 2007 NCAA Defenseman of the year award. For the Cannons, Belisle is a stalwart defender, team Captain, and has 90 games of experience to his name. in 8 seasons he has 2 goals and 140 ground balls.

4 – Joel White – New England Black Wolves (NLL), Rochester Rattlers (MLL)

White has played for Philly and Rochester in the NLL and his play over the last two seasons has him in my top 5. There are more veteran players out there, but I love this guy’s game and what he brings to the box as an American. He has played in 39 games over 3 years and has 3 goals and 16 assists. While he doesn’t score like he does in MLL action, he picks up loosies just as well. With 249 LBs in 39 games, White averages 6.4 loose balls per game. That’s pretty legit! He also plays great D and moves the ball very well up the floor. White has played in the MLL for four seasons. He has played in 48 games and amassed 16 goals, 32 assists, and an astounding 274 ground balls. He’s a terror in transition, crafty with his longstick, and perfectly suited to MLL lacrosse. White was a 3 time AA in college, a 2 time national champ, and the midfielder of the year as a Senior… with a longstick.

3 – Drew Westervelt – Colorado Mammoth (NLL), Chesapeake Bayhawks (MLL)

Westervelt has seven NLL seasons under his belt, where he has played in 102 games. He has 194 goals, 171 assists, and averages 3.6 points per game. He has also scooped up 383 loose balls over this span of time, and in a somewhat funny turn, he has taken exactly 1000 shots in his career. Westervelt also has 3 playoff games, and he scored 2 goals and 4 assists in those contests. He’s a veteran, he’s a threat, and he can put the ball away, plain and simple. Westervelt has played 8 season of Major League Lacrosse where has played in 91 games amassing 192 goals and 91 assists to go with 127 career ground balls. He’s been an MLL All-Star a number of times, and is a true scorer in any type of lacrosse game.

2 – Joe Walters – Rochester Knighthawks (NLL), Chesapeake Bayhawks (MLL)

Walters has six NLL seasons to talk about, and he has played in 71 games. He has 37 goals and 96 assists, for 133 total points, which is not as impressive as Westervelt’s numbers over the course of his career, but Walters has 75 points on 24 goals and 51 assists over the last two seasons’ 31 games. Walters seems to be just be reaching his prime now, PLUS he has won three straight NLL titles, and has played in 13 playoff games amassing 11 goals and 32 assists. He also has 181 career loose balls. Out on the field, Walters led the Bayhawks in scoring last summer in only 9 games played. He scored 39 points on 9 goals and 24 assists. Walters might be known as “Joey Snipes” for his ability to shoot the ball, but he clearly needs a new nickname now, and it should be all about assists. This guy is like Hamburger Helper out there with all these apples.

1- Casey Powell – Colorado Mammoth (NLL), Florida Launch (MLL)

Casey Powell started playing in the NLL in 1999, when I was a senior in high school. I’m old. He’s… superhuman. He has played in 11 NLL seasons in 15 years, taking seasons off from time to time. Powell has played in 137 games regular season games, and scored 279 goals to go with 395 assits for 674 total points. He has also picked up 569 loose balls, which is absolutely crazy. He’s played for a ton of different teams, and has never scored less than 25 points in a season. His low is actually 25 points exactly, which he did last year, in 5 only games. When it comes to field, you know the deal. He has 405 points in Major League Lacrosse, won a title at Cuse and was a 3 time 1st team AA, has won gold with USA, and he’s won every award in the book. He just might be the GOAT.