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Top high school lacrosse players compete to fight childhood cancer
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Top High School Players Compete To Fight Childhood Cancer

A nationally known Massachusetts lacrosse club, the Fighting Clams send numerous top high school recruits to top college programs every year. The Committed Game, to take place at TeamWorks Acton on Feb 11, divides these “commits” into two teams to compete and raise awareness for Why Me & Sherry’s House, a charity serving families with childhood cancer.

The Fighting Clams are very excited for yet another year of our Clam Committed game, where the program’s best committed players come together at the end of winter to celebrate the conclusion of months of indoor lacrosse training, to allow our youngest players to learn from our oldest, and in keeping with the larger meaning of our game, to allow our event to serve as a platform for making a meaningful contribution to the greater good.

– Justin Walker, President of the Top Gun Fighting Clams

Why Me is proud to partner with Top Gun Lacrosse for their annual Committed Game. For over 30 years, Why Me has provided loving support and services to families with childhood cancer. Why Me does not receive state or federal funding, and all services are free of charge so partnering with generous community minded organizations like the Clams is key to our success.

– Gordie Lockbaum, VP-Principal for and former Heisman Trophy nominee

In addition to being open to the public, the event will be broadcast live to more than 500,000 lacrosse community members nationwide to help drive online donations to Why Me & Sherry’s House.

To donate to Why Me & Sherry’s House, click the button below:

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Watch the FREE live broadcast this Sunday, February 11, at 11:00AM Eastern Time right here on LaxAllStars or any of the following outlets:

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