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Top Prospects Play Black Card For Charity - Adrenaline
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Top Prospects Play Black Card for Future and Charity

When America’s boys lacrosse top prospects step on DE Turf at the Adrenaline Black Card this Friday, fists and teeth will be clenched. Chinstraps will already be buckled and socks pulled up just right. By this time each player will have already embraced the situation and zeroed in on his goal: to get noticed at one of the most prestigious lacrosse recruiting events in North America.

For some players, this will be their first time ever competing in front of NCAA college coaches. Others have been here and done that before, but if it were me, that’d just make me more nervous. These boys lacrosse players represent the top one percent nationally across the 2019, 2020 and 2021 high school graduation years, and most are destined to play somewhere elite.

What they’ll quickly learn is they won’t just be playing to prove themselves at Black Card this Friday. They’ll also play for a different, more unified cause existent outside-the-lines.

de turf - site of adrenaline black card
DE Turf Sports Complex

This event was inspired by a coach who had a passion to compete and a will to win like none other, and Black Jack was his nickname.

Coach Jack “Black Jack” Mcgetrick fought a long and courageous fight against prostate cancer before passing in 2012. If you knew Black Jack or know any good lacrosse coaches with true hearts of steel, then you can imagine the hope and purpose he inspired. He continually surpassed the odds each day in his battle against prostate cancer and throughout his life any time he could find competition.

Jack Mcgetrick
Jack “Black Jack” Mcgetrick

This is the man Adrenaline’s Black Card event is dedicated to – a man who built a legacy through his lacrosse career, overcame the odds and inspired others to push their limits everyday. The event was actually designed internally to raise awareness about prostate cancer amongst players in Jack’s honor. Proceeds help raise funds for prostate cancer research.

Coach Mcgetrick will be on the minds of Alex Cade and Steve Sepeta, founders of Adrenaline, and the rest of the event staff members throughout the weekend as always. The thing about Coach was he did things the right way – he was the antithesis of “going through the motions.” So it’s no wonder this event has developed such an astounding reputation and become known for having recruiters from every NCAA Division I program in attendance.

After many years running events it’s still exciting to see all the NCAA coaches on the sidelines to view this upper echelon level of nationwide talent at Black Card. It’s a very rewarding feeling knowing we are accomplishing our mission for these players and thier families. This is certainly a weekend we all look forward to each summer.

– Alex Cade, CEO of Adrenaline

Players are divided up into teams of roughly twenty players by position heading into Black Card. While teamwork and a “team-first” attitude are essential to success in lacrosse, Black Card presents a scenario in which, when you get down to it, scholarship dollars are at stake between teammates. Every player will likely to be on his best behavior – eyes forward, head up. Taking an opportunity like this for granted would just be silly.

Most of these top prospects participating at Black Card are familiar with the Adrenaline brand because they’re all well accustomed to the summer lacrosse events circuit. Each player was selected to participate in Black Card by Adrenaline’s extensive network of evaluators. The players will return to their respective club teams at nearby hotels following the invite-only event.

Next up? The 2018 Adrenaline Platinum Cup on Saturday and Sunday. Boys lacrosse clubs touting some of the best coaches and talent in the country will battle it out to earn the ultimate honor of Adrenaline Club Champion.

Over the weekend, that recruiting atmosphere from Black Card will stay permanent. Every player who wants to be recruited will stop, dig deep down and fight as hard as he can to be the best athlete for his team. These kids will play like they understand what they do at DE Turf can dictate their future.

Count on top prospects from Black Card to come up big when the going gets tough on Sunday. It’s only natural. Not only because they’re the most talented lacrosse players, but also due to the fact they’re competing for the Platinum Cup immediately after experiencing Black Card.

You see, the main difference between Black Card as a recruiting event and all the others out there, is its social impact. The overall competitive, educational and passion-rich experience an athlete has, how he is affected by it, and how he responds to it is consistent with the legacy of Coach Jack “Black Jack” Mcgetrick.

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