Lacrosse Doesn’t Have to End After the Final Whistle

lacrosse end

There is one question that has lingered in the back of my mind ever since I got on the bus ride home after my very last college lacrosse game. It was a bitter ending to my collegiate lacrosse career, one that you can see coming, yet there’s nothing you can do to prepare for the feelings you’ll have.  “What the hell do […]

Thank You, Taryn Ohlmiller

Taryn & Kylie Ohlmiller

I’m not sure I’d be the player I am without my sister, Taryn Ohlmiller. When I went to my first lacrosse practice in third grade, Taryn was right alongside me. Together, we fell in love with lacrosse, and it became one of the strongest pieces of our connection. As kids, we could often be found […]

Rekindling the Love: A Lacrosse Story

lacrosse story Hugo Casey

My name is Hugo Casey, and I played lacrosse at Northern Arizona in the MCLA, helping take the program to heights it had never seen before. That might sound simple, but it was anything but. This is my lacrosse story. Rekindling the Love: A Lacrosse Story Recruitment & Aurora I grew up dreaming of being […]

Frank Menschner Cup Travelogue: Scootering Across Europe

Frank Menschner Cup

All roads lead to Rome, they say, but in the European box lacrosse community, they lead to Radotín, a small suburb of Prague with the most beautiful box lacrosse ring in Europe. Matthias Lehna and Gustav Weber, the authors and travelers in this story, set out for the Frank Menschner Cup in Radotín. With their […]

How I Learned College Lacrosse Recruiting Is a Business

College lacrosse recruiting wes berg

College lacrosse recruiting can be overwhelming, especially when you’re not American. When I was going through my college lacrosse recruitment, I didn’t know much. I was a Canadian kid who didn’t grow up with the American college sports system surrounding me. I didn’t know how it worked. I was flying blind. I know I wasn’t […]

Uncaged: A Goalie Runs Free

Lacrosse goalie

For 20 years, I resided within a diameter of 18 feet: an 18-foot crease that buffered me in front of the 36 square feet of goal from the opposing team. Training day in and day out, becoming as fast as I could with both my hands and my feet, while also being able to react […]

Lacrosse Taught Me Nothing in Life Comes Easy

Chaos and Halifax Thunderbirds player Tyson Bell explains how lacrosse taught him the important lesson that nothing in life comes easy.

Nothing in life comes easy. Lacrosse taught me that. I’ve taken a difficult road to be where I am in the sport. I had to work extremely hard academically to salvage my career after making mistakes in the classroom, and it didn’t come easy. I got a later start than most players, let alone professionals, […]

Billy Dee Smith Gave Me My First Stick

canada lacrosse FINAL 2018 FIL Lacrosse top photos blue group

Most people who play professional lacrosse first picked up a stick before they could walk. Then there’s me – I didn’t do it until I was 13. It was Billy Dee Smith who gave it to me. He ran the camp where I first learned the game. Before picking up a stick, I was a […]

Tyson Bell Went From Being Tutored to Tutoring

Tyson Bell

Tyson Bell intended to play at Syracuse. When he was finishing his high school days at Everest Academy, a number of colleges came calling for his lacrosse services. Syracuse was one of those schools. Syracuse eventually joined a long list of programs to send an invitation to the product of St. Catharines, Ontario, and it […]

Top 20 Lacrosse Destinations – Where You Have To Go

top 20 lacrosse destinations

Lacrosse events across the world were cancelled in 2020 in the wake of the pandemic, marking the first summer that many of us “lifetime players” went lacrosse-less for years, if not decades. There’s no time like the present to add these top 20 lacrosse destinations for adult lacrosse to your bucket list! Folks like PrimeTime […]

The Many Lessons of Playing Lacrosse

Latrell Harris entered the NLL as one of the youngest players ever drafted. Four years and a career later, he reflects his lessons learned.

You learn a lot playing lacrosse. You especially learn a lot playing it professionally. I entered the NLL at age 18 after being one of the youngest-ever players drafted into the league. Only one team showed me much interest before the 2016 NLL Draft, and you can guess which team I still play for now […]

Latrell Harris Survived Racism in Sports

Latrell Harris experienced racial abuse as a kid, especially in hockey. Still, he remains in sports, a survivor of racism in athletics.

Before Latrell Harris was a professional lacrosse player, he had hockey on his mind. Harris played the sport it seems every Canadian tries, and he was even drafted in the OHL. As a teen, he chose to pursue the box after the ice melted, but for years, hockey was an important focus for the athlete. […]