Win the Winter Break!

The month of December represents so much for so many. It’s the holidays, it’s the end of the year, and it’s a period to relax a little bit. For colleges, this is a period where institutions shut down for a period and students go home. The time between fall and spring semesters represents a critical […]

College Closures and Lacrosse

In the dynamic realm of collegiate athletics, the closure of colleges and universities has become a poignant reality, casting profound implications on the vibrant tapestry of college lacrosse. We have seen this in recent years and there is no sign of it slowing down. These closures, stemming from multifaceted challenges, reverberate far beyond the halls […]

Fort Lewis College Lacrosse Spotlight

Fort Lewis College is one of six Native American-serving, non-tribal colleges in the United States. They provide free tuition to Native American students, and 26% of all baccalaureate degrees awarded to Native American students come from Fort Lewis, the most of any college. Like the school, the school’s MCLA team does a great job honoring […]

Dissecting the 1-4-1

Boston Terriers defeat No. 2 Loyola Greyhounds

This weeks coaches corner is going to talk about one of the most used offenses in lacrosse, the 1-4-1. This is an offense used at various levels. It is often used as a type of Zone Buster, since there are two players inside on the crease. It is also used because it forces defenses to […]

Why Your College Club Lacrosse Team Needs a Website

The two biggest struggles college club lacrosse teams face are staying organized and presenting themselves as a legit team. It can be difficult for players to manage balancing a budget, collecting player dues, recruiting new players, ordering gear, and scheduling games and practices. This becomes even more of a challenge when everyone in charge graduates, […]

The Current State of College Lacrosse in Oregon

Oregon, and specifically the Portland area, has produced a lot of great lacrosse players, such as former No.1 overall MLL pick and Tewaaraton Winner, Peter Baum (Lincoln/Colgate), MCLA legend and former MLL player Connor Martin (Lakeridge/Chapman), current Whipsnakes pole Colin Squires (West Linn/Denver), and many more who had success at the college and pro level. […]

What Happened to Western Oregon Lacrosse?

For the most part, the MCLA consists of large universities. These universities do well in the league because they have a large student population to get players from. However, plenty of small schools succeed in the MCLA and have had consistently great programs. About ten years ago, a school with under 4,000 students in a […]

Dominican Lacrosse is Going NCAA Division 2

Dominican University of California will be adding NCAA Division II Lacrosse for both men’s and women’s for the 2023-24 school year as an independent, hoping to join the RMAC the following year. They will be the only school in California to have both their men’s and women’s teams at the NCAA level and the second […]

Utah Valley is KING: MCLA Lacrosse Week 10 Rankings

A new king sits on top of the throne as the Utah Valley Men’s Lacrosse program is having a phenomenal year. The Varsity Club Lacrosse boys have been on top of MCLA this season giving us weekly breakdowns and rankings. Let’s see what they have to say for Week 10. Division I 1. Utah Valley […]

Florida them DAWGS: MCLA Lacrosse Week 9 Rankings

Let’s take a look at what the Varsity Club Lacrosse boys think of the MCLA rankings for Week 9. Teams like Florida have been on a hot streak with only a few games left in their lacrosse season. How will nationals play out in the coming weeks? Division I 1. Liberty It’s been a month […]

Boston College is UP: MCLA Lacrosse Week 8 Rankings

The 2023 MCLA season has been extremely diverse. It can be difficult to track where every team stands in the rankings due to how even the playing field. Your favorite team may pull out a big win one week and then be upset the next. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. The Varsity Club Lacrosse […]

Liberty on the Rise: MCLA Lacrosse Week 7 Rankings

Last week was certainly interesting to say the least. We are starting to get a sense of where teams stand in the national rankings, but there is still some uncertainty teams outside the top five. Florida State looks to be a serious contender with multiple ranked wins over quality programs. Liberty sits comfortably towards the […]