Merrimack Men’s Lacrosse Transition From D2 to D1


There was a fight in practice. It’s the first week of August and NFL and college football teams open up training camp to prepare for their upcoming season. Websites and Twitter will be filled with scuffles between teammates. Here is the top story from Saint’s camp as I searched “fight in practice” on Twitter this […]

Summer Saturday of Lacrosse Action: Weekend Recap

summer lacrosse

This is a story about a singular summer Saturday that featured four live lacrosse games shown on national television. The menu was diverse. Insanely talented men, women, boys and girls showcasing the sport. The action Saturday was riveting. ESPN’s commitment to lacrosse is evident and provides a pathway to national prominence, recognition, and eyeballs. The […]

The Next Division 1 Schools to Add Men’s Lacrosse

division 1 men's lacrosse

We will have 76 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse programs next season with the addition of Lindenwood University and Queens University. Both schools were at the Division 2 level and will make the jump to Division 1 beginning next season. My editor asked me a simple question, who’s next? Over the next two weeks, I […]

NCAA Conference Realignment: How Does This Change Lacrosse?

ncaa conference realignment

The landscape of the NCAA has been in shambles for multiple months now due to NCAA conference realignment. USC and UCLA set off their own fireworks when news broke that they were leaving the PAC-12 for the Big Ten Conference. Some compared the move to Texas and Oklahoma’s surprise announcement to leave the Big 12 […]

Brendan Nichtern Player Profile

Brendan Nichtern

I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July and took the time off to spend time with friends and loved ones. The Fourth of July is a great time to honor our military service men and women for their service to our country. I wanted to take the time to honor and give our readers […]

Myles Jones Player Profile

Myles Jones

In the sport of lacrosse, there are few players who have a presence as captivating as Myles Jones. In 2013, Myles stepped onto the college lacrosse scene as a staggering 6’5, 200+ pound freshman at Duke University. From that point he took the world by storm and has not slowed down since. Since 2013, Myles has captured […]

Proposed 2023 PLL Schedule: Multiple New Locations

2023 PLL Schedule

The PLL has done a decent job hitting multiple different lacrosse hotbeds across the country when it comes to scheduling, however I don’t think it is perfect. Paul and Mike Rabil have the difficult task of picking locations that are most likely to turn a profit which sometimes means picking a safe location with little […]

Ranking the 2022 NCAA D1 Lacrosse Tournament Helmets

Lacrosse Helmet Ranking

With the 2022 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament now a month in the past, let’s go through my ranking of the best and worst of the 18 teams’ helmet designs from this year’s tournament. WARNING: This list is strictly one writer’s opinion on which helmets were their favorite. However, I strongly encourage debate in the comments sections about […]

Division 1 Lacrosse Coaching Carousel: 2022-23

Division 1 Lacrosse Coach

Six Division 1 lacrosse programs will have new head coaches heading into the 2023 season. With five of the six positions filled, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the new faces that will lead these programs. None of the power three conferences (Ivy League, Big Ten, or ACC) […]

PLL Week 1+2 Rookie Comparison

pll rookie

This week the PLL heads to the land of Vincent’s Clam Bar and Hofstra University on Long Island. Week 3 of the PLL should be a great weekend for fan attendance and rookie performances. PLL CEO Michael Rabil had some fun promoting this weekend’s games. Long Island and Baltimore are two lacrosse hotbeds. Rabil spoke […]

22 Takeaways from the 2022 College Lacrosse Season

2022 College Lacrosse

The 2022 college lacrosse season has officially come to an end. After a shortened 2020 season and a peculiar COVID cautious 2021 season, it was nice to finally have full schedules and fans in the stands. Depending on where your college lacrosse allegiance lies, 2022 was either a great or awful year for you. Preseason […]

Lacrosse Headlines You Won’t See in the Summer of 2022

summer lacrosse

For this week’s article, Quint decided to take a look at some of the more unlikely headlines to appear on your Lacrosse All Stars news feed this summer. While most of these headlines would be awesome if they were true, the likelihood of seeing many of these come to fruition is very slim, but it’s […]