Interviews with lacrosse players, coaches and community leaders. We'll talk to anyone with a unique perspective on the game of lax!
Tom Schreiber, 4x All-American at Princeton and current Major League Lacrosse All Star, goes 1on1 with Ryan Flanagan.
This week Ryan Flanagan interviews Ohio Machine goalie Scott Rodgers.
In his debut podcast, Ryan Flanagan goes one-on-one with fellow Major League Lacrosse All Star Marcus Holman. Listen up!
I spent 60 minutes with Paul Rabil earlier this week, and we had a stellar conversation about all things lacrosse! It's Rabil time!
We chat with former Brine CEO Sean Fox about his new job with 3d, box lacrosse, growth of the game, and his experience in the lacrosse and business world.
We still got a chance to talk about how Casey Powell got started playing lacrosse, what he learned in high school vs. college, and what skills the indoor game forced him to take to outdoor game.
Today I'm excited to bring you an interview with Rita Shelley, director of marketing at SISU Guard. The engineers at SISU Guard, are on a mission to reshape the way we think about mouth protection, and we're going to find out why.
Paul Rabil is joining for the next six weeks as a writer! A conversation with Paul Rabil to kick it all off! This will be great!

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