Fivestar Championship Challenge Photo Gallery

Fivestar Championship Challenge

The Fivestar Championship Challenge in Columbia, Maryland, last weekend showcased tons of the top talent from the Class of 2023 together in one place with some of the top coaches the game has ever seen helping the high schoolers hone their lacrosse skills further. Following a Friday night evaluation practice, coaches representing the six teams […]

Education Runs Deep at Fivestar Championship Challenge

2021 Fivestar Championship Challenge

Under a blueish gray evening sky amid a hovering humidity, a semi-circle of 100-odd eager pupils formed around Dave Cottle. The congregation honed in on him as he introduced his star-studded cast that would teach these students for the weekend. With each speech, Cottle declared the qualities of his entourage, including but not limited to […]

Lacrosse on TV: Fivestar Championship Challenge

Lacrosse on TV Fivestar Championship Challenge

Want to watch lacrosse on TV? Then Tuesday will be your lucky day. The Fivestar Championship Challenge takes place this weekend at Bland Air Park in Columbia, Maryland, featuring some of the best boys lacrosse players from the Class of 2023, and the championship game will re-air on TV on Next Level Sports (NXT) on […]

Lacrosse Recruiting Video Tips: How to Cook Up Highlights

Lacrosse recruiting video tips

Highlight films have become an integral part of college lacrosse recruiting. But making a video isn’t necessarily an intuitive process if you don’t have any experience. These are some important tips for putting together a video that can help you in your lacrosse recruiting process. Lacrosse Recruiting Video Tips Quality Competition: Make sure the clips […]

Recruiting Do’s And Don’ts: Communicating with Coaches

Recruiting do's and don'ts communicating with coaches

College recruiting can be overwhelming for an athlete. You can be hit with messages from places you never knew existed, you have to monitor your athletics and academics at all times while building relationships with coaches, all the same time as trying to enjoy being a kid. To make a bit easier to navigate, I’ve […]

What To Ask A College Coach

Ask a College Lacrosse Coach

The recruiting process can be very intimidating for a 16-to-18-year-old, and that’s not something to shy away from. It isn’t easy to know what you want at a young age, and it isn’t any easier to find a place where you can project yourself being for four years. With no prior experience of the process, […]

Six Lacrosse Recruiting Tips from a College Coach

Lacrosse recruiting tips

I have more than two decades of college coaching experience, and I’ve also had multiple children go through the lacrosse recruiting process, so I have some tips on the subject. Lacrosse recruiting can be a hectic time for a young person, and it can be especially difficult to navigate without tips and help from those […]

Five Things A Lacrosse Recruit Should Know

Five things a lacrosse recruit should know

There’s a lot more to being a successful lacrosse recruit than what you do on the field. The process can and will throw things at you that you didn’t expect or consider, and you should know some aspects of the lacrosse recruit experience before you embark on your journey. One of the hardest things you’ll […]

Are Prospect Camps Worth It?

Lacrosse prospect camps

There’s a lot that goes into getting recruited to play college lacrosse, and one of the million-dollar question is are prospect camps worth it? The short answer to this big question is yes, prospect camps are worth it. However, there are some specific guidelines that will make some more valuable than others for you, and […]

Parent Matters: How To Get Your Kid Recruited

aquinas college naia lacrosse

College recruiting can be daunting for the entire family. Kids want to make sure they get their best opportunity and parents want to make sure they’re giving their child a fair chance. Below is a basic list of steps you can take as a parent to help your child succeed. College Recruiting Tips For Parents […]

College Lacrosse – Options Are Endless

2016 NCAA Division I Men's NCAA Final Four college lacrosse

College lacrosse still has the potential to be whatever you want it to be, as long as you’re willing to look at things a little differently, and trust your own process!