How Performance Mesh Took Over the World

Performance mesh wax mesh

Performance mesh is ubiquitous now, but how did we get here? We all remember the day wax mesh took over the lacrosse world; this new type of mesh could withstand any weather and always held its ideal pocket shape. From East Coast mesh to Throne mesh and everyone in between, it was revolutionary to even […]

What Is The Best Women’s Lacrosse Pocket? Our Women’s Roundtable Answers

wpll week 4 recap 2019

Editor’s Note: This multi-part series Women’s Stringing Roundtable on #TheGopherProject will provide insight from experienced stringers and representatives from stringing manufacturers. Today, we focus on what our Roundtable thinks is the best women’s lacrosse pocket. Women’s pockets have always had more restrictions than men’s pockets. With the recent relaxing of the rules and allowing mesh, […]

Reclaiming a Lacrosse Head: #TheGopherProject

Reclaiming a Lacrosse Head: #TheGopherProject

Today we’re reclaiming a lacrosse head. You can choose any lacrosse head and follow along. My goal is here is to take a head that wasn’t the commercial hit (that doesn’t mean it was a failure by the way) and see if I can construct a pocket that could turn this into a gamer. There […]

Stringing, Dyes, Heads: Monthly Mailbag — #TheGopherProject

stringing heads dyes #thegopherproject

Welcome to the newest monthly feature (well, I guess everything is new at this point, but you get my drift) on #TheGopherProject, the Monthly Mailbag.  My goal is to take great questions I find that you submit during the month and answer them here. Now, you may see I’ve edited some of the questions you’ve […]

The Player Pockets Theory

player pockets asked me to string up a couple of heads with Player Pockets. The goal is a highly functional college and HS legal pocket for each head.

Goalie Mesh Review by Van O’Banion


Welcome to a Goalie Mesh Review, written by long-time stringer Van O’Banion! Van has been around the stringing game for what seems like an eternity!

Gear Review: Grizzly Mesh from StringKing

Grizzly Mesh fro StringKing for goalies

StringKing has been producing some of the most popular mesh on the market. They are the mesh supplier for multiple top programs throughout the country. They have recently released their goalie mesh known as Grizzly Mesh. It is supposed to be the lightest on the market and perform at a high level during any weather scenario. No one really knew how good this mesh was going to be. Would it change the game? How would the lightness of the mesh affect it? Is it more or as consistent as other top goalie mesh?