Reclaiming a Lacrosse Head: #TheGopherProject
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Reclaiming a Lacrosse Head: #TheGopherProject

Today we’re reclaiming a lacrosse head. You can choose any lacrosse head and follow along.

My goal is here is to take a head that wasn’t the commercial hit (that doesn’t mean it was a failure by the way) and see if I can construct a pocket that could turn this into a gamer. There is only one rule. The head has to be stiff to begin with. If the head warps or bends easy, we’re just going to leave that alone. So, let’s start….

Materials Required For Reclaiming:

  1. Any used or pre-owned lacrosse head ( I chose the Savage)
  2. Mesh (I chose Firethreads USA Eleven Mesh)
  3. Sidewall string

For this initial reclaiming project, I selected the Tribe7 Savage. The “knock” on this head was the rounded scoop and wider top 1/3. Even with the rounded scoop, you can still pull in ground balls. This isn’t the rounded lip Octane or even the Joule Ares so that’s where the “perception” did this head some harm. Now the top 1/3 is wide and lacks sidewall holes, that’s an issue but not a deal breaker.

Choosing a Lacrosse Head

I really chose the Savage head because every so often there’s a lacrosse head released that’s not the commercial success expected. This was one of them.

There is a myriad of things that could lead to this type occurrence. Sometimes, the head has a design flaw or isn’t strong enough. With heads like this, there is little you can do. You live and learn and make the corrections on the next one.

However, public perception also plays a factor into how well a head sells. A company could design the greatest head on the planet but if it doesn’t pass the court of public opinion, it’ll sometimes fade out of existence. Now, all heads have to look great in addition to play great. Back in the day, we played with boat oars that were as deep as a tennis racket, not any more.

Choosing Lacrosse Mesh

Why did I choose Firethreads mesh? Simple, I wanted to string this with a Chenango top string to pull that pocket closer to the sidewall. I also strung a low pocket in this to keep the ball in the mid/bottom section of the head. The Firethreads provided the hold and the low pocket created a faster release. Shooters? Nope, not in this one. If a head is strung with mesh and has the right tension, shooters aren’t needed. I liked the release already….

Now it’s your turn to reclaim a lacrosse head! Which one do you choose and what route do you go from there? Let us know in the comments section or use hashtag #TheGopherProject on social media!

Watch my latest video for even greater detail: