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traditional_thursday2 how to string traditional
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Traditional Thursday: How To String Traditional

Today we’re showing you how to string traditional lacrosse pockets, but we’re not just teaching you how to string ONE pocket… we’re teaching you how to string ALL the pockets!

Ok, maybe we’re not showing you how to string all the pockets, as there are really an infinite number of options and variations out there in the world of traditional stringing, but we’re showing you how to string a LOT of different traditional pockets!

Take your time, watch the videos, and try each one… we want to see the final products!

How To String Traditional

This is the classic traditional pocket. One string, asymmetrical diamonds, standard sidewalls, a couple of straight shooting strings. This is the OG of traditional, and its lasting power comes from the fact that IT WORKS!

Six Shooter Traditional Tutorial

The six shooter is another classic traditional pocket, and it’s been around for decades. Miles Thompson uses one and that brought the general public’s fascination with this pocket back in force.

Pita Pocket Tutorial

The pita pocket is another traditional variant that has been around for a while. It was made famous by Loyola players who used it heavily in the 90s and early 2000s. Another name for it is the Dog Track pocket, which comes from Loyola, because they are the Hounds, and hounds race on a dog track!

Two Leather Traditional – Shook Shakedown

This is a weird one, but it’s awesome. Created by legendary Hopkins defender Brendan Shook, this pocket is perfect for defenders who like to walk the dog. It’s also a real challenge to string correctly!

Multiple String Traditional Pocket

You can also string a traditional pocket using multiple strings. The methodology is definitely different from that of a single string tutorial, but it allows you to use more colors! Yay!

Tradmesh Tutorial

If you’re looking for more traditional knowledge, make sure you Subscribe to the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel! We have videos on how to waterproof leathers, how to string mesh, how to shave down a wooden lacrosse stick, reader questions answered, and so much more. Subscribe and check us out!