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Traditional Thursdays: Green Maverik Spider

Our weekly Old School posts on Thursdays have done so well that it seems like everyone in the lacrosse world is now participating in #ThrowbackThursdays. Celebrating the history of the game? We’re all about it… and now we’re focusing on a much more minute portion of the Old School ethic: traditional pockets.

Every Thursday we will have a new traditional pocket to show off, and obviously, we’re calling it #TraditionalThursdays. We’re starting this thing out right with a bright green (NOT neon) Spider 17 head from Maverik Lacrosse. It’s been spruced up with alternating yellow and orange leathers and a five diamond traditional pocket, using nothing but sidewall lace.

If you have a traditional head you want us to show off on some future Traditional Thursday, send us some photos and information on your stringing style!