Two Towson Tigers Take In Your Face Weekly Honors
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Two Towson Tigers Take In Your Face Weekly Honors

The 2017 NCAA Lacrosse season has been a complete whirlwind to try to wrap our heads around. Incase you missed another LIVE In Your Face LaxCast show, here’s what you missed on Wednesday.

A lot went down from from 3/9 – 3/15. Everyone else was all fired up about it. Should we be any different? This week we have to give love to the underdogs, and it starts with a pair of Towson Tigers.

We aren’t picking All-Americans here, folks! We are just showing some love to the athletes and coaches around the country that week think are getting the job done!

In Your Face Players of the Week

Towers’ Pick: Alex Woodall, Towson

“16 for 25 against Hopkins, including seven for seven in the fourth quarter, scored two goals in one assist. All three points were off the break, I believe, after Johns Hopkins goals. And essentially prevented Hopkins from getting any momentum, and is more than
worthy for my In Your Face Player of the Week. ” – Andy Towers

Danehy’s Pick: Joe Seider, Towson

Position: Attack
Hometown: Sparks, MD
Numbers: 10 goals, 5 assists, 7 ground balls
Recent: 4 goals on 7 shots against Hopkins

“Just putting up another great performance. Joe Seider, continuing to put Towson offense on his back and being able to perform at the highest level against what we would consider one of the best teams out there in the country, in Johns Hopkins. So, I have player of the week for myself, Joe Seider from Towson.” – Ryan Danehy

Towers’ Backup: Chris Sabia, Penn State

Position: Defenseman
Hometown: Harleysville, PA
Numbers: 8 caused turnovers, 11 ground balls, 1 goal
Recent: 1 goal over Harvard, held Cheek to only 3 points

“I had stated that I thought that Morgan Cheek (Sabia’s opponent) was gonna go off, and he got completely shut down. He did score two goals at the end, but they were meaningless goals after the game was already decided… In addition, Chris Sabia actually ended up scoring a goal at the end as well, on a coast-to-coast play, which was very impressive.” – Andy Towers

Danehy’s Backup: Ian King, Michigan

Class: Senior
Position: Attackman
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Numbers: 14 goals, 15 assists, 8 ground balls
Recent: 3 goals, 2 assists against #10 Penn

“Ian King had three and two on the day, he played a great game. I was fortunate enough to coach him his freshman year. The kid is a scorer, he’s a competitor, he really can do damage, and he did so against Penn this weekend in a huge win for the Michigan Wolverines, this past weekend.” – Ryan Danehy

In Your Face Coaches of the Week

Towers’ Coach of the Week: John Paul, Michigan

“But my coach of the week has to go back to Ann Arbor for his first ever top 20 win, I believe. And that’s John Paul and the Michigan Wolverines. What a performance! I watched a big portion of the game, and Michigan looked very poised. They looked like they had a plan on the offensive end of the field, they got a great performance out of Tommy Height in goal. I will say that it’s a good thing that the game ended when it did, because if it had gone on for another 30 seconds, you guys may have won by five goals, Ryan. Uh, ’cause you were scoring really quickly down the stretch. But, fortunately, the game ended when it did, and a big congrats. John Paul, my Coach of the Week. Unbelievable job. – Andy Towers

Danehy’s [Assistant] Coach of the Week: JP Brazel, Hofstra
“JP Brazel. Incredible. 11 goals against UNC. I had a chance to talk with him briefly the other day about his win, and he just basically said, “Our guys did a great job bringing energy and sticking together through the rest of the game.” You know, he complimented UNC and their extremely athletic, super talented team, you know, forces you to execute on your game plan offensively. You know, he felt like he could emphasize taking an extra step where you are to free their hands, and make the simple play. That was one of the big things he wanted, especially for each of their possessions.

He also made a side comment that he believed that the sideline did an unbelievable job supporting the guys on the field for the entire game. Sideline energy was a huge factor and something that no one really sees on the stats sheet but as important as anything. I think that, that really goes to the status right now, in the culture, of the program at Hofstra. They’re really feeling it, they’re feeling confident, and if you’ve got buy-in on the sidelines then I really think that you’ve a great team in the making.” – Ryan Danehy

In Your Face Game of the Week

IYF Game of the Week: IYF#6 Syracuse (4-1) at #14 Johns Hopkins (4-2)

When: Saturday, March 18th – 14pm EST
Where: Homewood Field, Baltimore, MD
Watch: Watch ESPN App, ESPN 3

“#14 Hopkins, versus, at Homewood Field in Baltimore, versus #6 Syracuse. The line on this one is Hopkins, is favored by one. In a 14-6 game, Hopkins is favored by one. The over/under here is 25.5. Hopkins, coming off a monster loss to a Towson team, 13-8. And ‘Cuse coming off a one goal win over, I believe, win-less St John. They might … no, they beat Sienna, I believe. – Ryan Danehy
“And in the rock bottom bowl.” – Andy Towers
“That’s right. They beat them in the rock bottom bowl, and crazy to think that Hopkins, at 14, coming off of 13-8 loss, is favored by one against ‘Cuse. It is in Baltimore, but still, crazy. What do you think about this one, AT?” – Ryan Danehy
“I’m confused by this line. Hopkins, is that two games in a row that they’ve lost? They got blown out by Princeton and they essentially got beaten up pretty badly by Towson. I think those were their last two games, is that correct? There was no mid-week game.” – Andy Towers
“No.” – Ryan Danehy
“Right? And so, I’m perplexed by this. Although, Syracuse did not look good against St. John’s. They only put up nine goals. But they still are having a great year, with the exception of a one goal loss to Army, who was tough, and they have two top 20 wins at this point, and they got one of the best face-off guys. I think he’s a little banged up, but they got one of the best face-off guys of the country, Ben Williams. I see Syracuse winning the draws. I’m not impressed with Hopkins face-off group. I just don’t think that they are getting it done for them.
They got abused last week, by my player of the week, Alex Woodall in Towson. And they got, probably a better guy, Ben Williams, coming in. And I think Syracuse is gonna control the middle of the field. You know, Hopkins just has so many weapons offensively, that they are scary. But for whatever reason, they seem to have lost their mojo on offense. And this was a team that we looked at two weeks ago, and thought, “This might be the scariest offensive team in the country.” But they’ve definitely come to a crashing halt. You know, that game is played in Homewood, but I just feel that Hopkins should not be favored in this game. So, I’m definitely gonna pick Syracuse.
25 and a half is a big number, but I don’t like the way Hopkins’ defense is playing. I think the game is gonna be played up and down. It’s gonna be very fan-friendly, it’s gonna be a lot like the old school Syracuse / Hopkins games were in the late 80’s when I played, when it was Petro versus Gates. So I’m gonna take Syracuse, and I’m gonna take the over in this game.” – Andy Towers
“I’m gonna take Hopkins, I’m gonna take the under. I’m not impressed with the shooting, with the efficiencies of either offense at this point and I’m curious to see if Hopkins treats ‘Cuse similarly to the St. John’s game. But I’m curious if St. John’s threw a zone at them. It just really slowed the game down. I don’t know if Hopkins has ever played zone in the history of Hopkins lacrosse, but I just don’t see Hopkins … You know, we talked about this earlier in the year. Or at least, I did, and when people were blowing up Hopkins about how many players they were playing on the offensive end, I mentioned that I felt like that was a big problem.
Not a good thing, because they didn’t feel like they could trust any, one … say, six to eight guys on the field to handle their offense. They were just cycling guys through to see if they would … you know, see what stuck. And they’re still cycling guys through, and so, with that you end up with a team scoring seven goals against Princeton, and another, what, eight goals against Towson. I don’t trust Syracuse, it was like, 9-8 or 10-9 against Albany? If you remember, a team that’s kind of similar to Hopkins. I just don’t think they’re scoring enough, either. And so, for that I’ve got under 25 goals. But I do think that the home field advantage goes to Homewood guys.
I think the refs are gonna play into this as well. I think that Hopkins can’t play this poorly this much. Or, this often, so I’m gonna take Hopkins covering one. And I’m going to take the under in this one. I think it should still be a good game, but it’s interesting to see the line at Hopkins favored by one, and I thought I was actually gonna take the underdog in this. But, I’m gonna take the favorite, which kind of, pumps me up, ’cause I guess I’m not the only one.” – Ryan Danehy