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Tyson Bell shares his style guide, which is similar to his cousin's, Latrell Harris. But his little cousin copied him, and you should know.
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My Cousin Stole My Style

My cousin, Latrell Harris, shared his style guide with Lax All Stars recently, and we dress pretty similarly. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

I would like the record to show that he copies me, though, not the other way around. I’m older; I did it first.

The most important aspect of my style guide is comfortability. I’m an active guy, and I want to be able to move freely and easily in whatever I’m wearing. You never know when the dogs will want to run outside, or when a lacrosse stick and ball will be laying around waiting for me to pick them up.

I always see myself in casual shoes, and it’s usually a pair of Nikes, Chucks (1) or Vans (4). At this point, those three brands have separated themselves in my mind and are where I get almost all my footwear from.

For pants, Lululemon (3) has become my go-to – I fell in love with the Lulu style and the comfort level that it brings, so it’s a regular occurrence for me to wear them around. They have some other good stuff, too, but the pants are what I feel the strongest about.

Up top, I am a hoodie man through and through. I like them nice, so I’m generally in something from Nike or something from New Balance. I have been wearing a specific New Balance hoodie for a while now, and it has served me very well. But my Nike Tech fleece hoodie (2) is another one of my favorites, plus I have a black Carhartt one that makes plenty of appearances. It’s crucial to have hoodies on tap.

There are times when you have to look professional, and when that time comes, I take care of business. But every other time, I intend to be comfortable and classic in my casual kicks, stylish Lululemon pants and high-quality hoodie rotation.

Check out Tyson Bell’s personal selection of kicks: