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US Lacrosse rebrands USA Lacrosse
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US Lacrosse Rebrands as USA Lacrosse

US Lacrosse rebranded as USA Lacrosse this week, which also included a new logo for the national lacrosse organization. USA Lacrosse put out this release to explain the purpose behind the move and what the future will bring:

Welcome to USA Lacrosse: New Name Unifies Broad Initiatives Under One Umbrella

The name has changed. The logo has changed. But the mission to provide national leadership, structure and resources to fuel the sport’s growth and enrich the experience of participants remains the same.

In 1998, eight national lacrosse organizations merged to form US Lacrosse with a goal to funnel more resources into the development of the sport. Today, after more than $275 million has been invested in the sport over the last two decades, the evolution continues with the unveiling of USA Lacrosse. We aim to unify the activities of the organization into one fully-aligned brand. Our pursuit to elevate the sport at the elite level and our promise to support our youngest players’ dreams are harmonious.

“We initiated an organizational rebrand for several primary reasons,” said Steve Stenersen, USA Lacrosse CEO. “First, we wanted to reinforce that the player is our ‘North Star’.  Everything we do is ultimately focused on expanding access to the sport and enriching the experience of players.  Secondly, we wanted to align our key properties, including the national team program, under one umbrella to improve our brand recognition and clarify the breadth of our operations and impact.  And, finally, we saw this as an opportunity to strengthen the value for our members, donors and corporate partners.”

Throughout the two-year rebranding effort, worked on in partnership with Mission Media, we followed a data-driven approach to gain insights from our valued members and other key stakeholders in the lacrosse community. The rebrand includes a comprehensive visual identity system, a new brand and messaging platform, a rebranded USA Lacrosse Magazine, which will begin hitting member mailboxes later this week, and the beginning of a robust redesign of our digital ecosystem, including the launch of a new website, Further enhancements for USA Lacrosse digital properties will be rolled out in the coming months.

Badge: Our brandmark takes the shape of a badge, a symbol of our responsibility to lead with dignity and respect as the governing body of the sport. 

Stars: The stars on our crest represent the three attributes that guide our brand and our decisions: trusted, inclusive and inspiring. Our center star is slightly larger, reminding us that our leadership must be inclusive of many perspectives and that our commitment to welcoming and supporting participants at all levels is what truly propels the growth of the sport. 

Lacrosse Head: A proud icon of our community symbolizing the heritage, future and shared love for the game. The unique shape of the head represents both the men’s and women’s games. 

Stripes: Our brandmark honors the design of our nation’s flag, as we support players across the United States to serve as athletic ambassadors in their communities and on the world stage. 

Outline: Our shield is framed with an outline to remind us that our centralized leadership is crucial to the entire lacrosse community. A break in the otherwise continuous outline symbolizes our welcoming and inclusive approach to growing the sport.