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USA vs Canada Film Study
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Film Study Friday: USA vs Canada 2OT Thriller

Today we present to you the USA vs Canada championship game from 1998. In this World championship game, Canada overcomes a ten-goal deficit in the third quarter to force overtime.

Watch the full game if you’re seeking a solid film study session just like last week’s backyard creative set – but don’t just take our word for it. There’s also the reactions of others on YouTube…

Neil Armstrong:

Wow, just wow. If you love lacrosse you will want to watch this. If you don’t know anything about lax but love sport you’ll still want to watch this. You are never out of it until the final whistle. You have to believe in yourself when you are so far behind that you really can come back. What a game. I won’t spoil the result so I am stopping here…

Michael Brand:

This game needs a documentary

Bill Adams:

The Canadians cheap shot more than the Hanson Brothers

See? You can tell this USA vs Canada battle is going to be quality! Some people consider it to be one of the most exciting lacrosse games in history.

USA vs Canada, 1998

Film Study Webinar with Casey Powell

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