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Video: Breaking Sticks In Box Lacrosse

Yesterday we posted John Glessner Shoots Harder Than You, and we got to see a guy break his stick while shooting. That’s power! Today we have another broken stick episode, but this time around a defensive player’s equipment bears the brunt of the destruction, and as you can see in the slow-mo replay, that D player is definitely surprised by what happens:

Never try to stop an Easton shaft with your own shaft! Lesson learned.

The offensive player here, #51, is Sean Menz, and he is playing for the Dresden Braves (Germany) in the Lax in the Box tournament, which is hosted by the Braves. The Lax in the Box tourney runs a week after the Ales Hrebesky Memorial, which has expanded to 20 or more teams, and two venues this year!

Make sure you check out the Lax in the Box tournament on Facebook to learn more!