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LAS x ViewSPORT Limited Edition Performance Tee

Every now and then we like to team up with innovative companies to release limited edition apparel. Take our most recent collaboration with ViewSPORT, for example.

ViewSPORT Sweat Activated Technology

ViewSPORT is a sports and fitness apparel brand founded on the principle that motivation and empowerment are key to athletic success. ViewSPORT’s patent-pending Sweat Activated Technology, invented by Ben Wood, the company’s founder, causes a design to be revealed on apparel when the fabric comes in contact with an athlete’s sweat during a workout.

Over the Summer, Connor Wilson got to sit down with Mr. Wood and collaborate on a new co-branded design to be added to ViewSPORT’s online store. The goal: Create a product that empowers a lacrosse player to rep the game with pride on the reg, and during his toughest moments doing work, remind him that LaxAllStars has his back.

I received a FedEx delivery unexpectedly last week, and when I opened up the package, I was pleasantly surprised. We did not know we’d see a finished product so fast. Yesterday, doing my regular Monday-thing, I decided to take this new performance tee for a spin.

My Monday’s aren’t your normal Monday’s, but they’re my normal. I figured it’d be the perfect time to see what the “sweat-activated” hype was about. And I must say, after a full day’s worth of yard work and managing irrigation at my grandmother’s house, the tee held up just fine. Not only was it insanely comfortable, but in the aftermath of trench-digging and canal water, it doesn’t even smell.


[box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”] readers can use coupon code “LAS2014” in ViewSPORT’s online store for 10% off the ViewSPORT Grow The Game tee.[/box]

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Available while supplies last, these limited edition ViewSPORT performance tees are available in men’s sizes small-2x. Act now while supplies last, and please let us know what you think once you try out the product!