Virginia Gritty Win Over Denver - 2011 Final Four
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Virginia Gritty Win Over Denver – 2011 Final Four

We might have a slight bias here due to Lacrosse Film Study and Give & Go Foundation founder Adam Ghitelman starring as one of the key highlights in this ripper of a Virginia highlight reel.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend which means it’s practically lacrosse’s Christmas. COVID-19 quarantines hit even harder when you realize that the lacrosse season was gone before you had the chance to say goodbye and this one weekend per year is the chance to annually bid our love farewell for the next half a year.

Since it is MDW, what better way to start mending our broken hearts than throwing back to one of the most wild Final Four matches ever caught on film? The year is 2011 and Adam Ghitelman is about to battle with Chris Bocklet, Colin Briggs and Steele Stanwick for who can deflate Denver the most. These highlights of the Hoos rocking the Pioneers in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Semifinals have to be some of the grittiest clips ever pulled from the tournament.

Virginia would walk away victorious, 14-8, to move on to the National Championship, which the won two days later over Maryland, 9-7. We’ll throw it back to that one later.

Until then…

Virginia Digs Out GRITTY Win Over Denver in 2011 Final Four

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