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Want Explosive Speed? Fix Your Hip Mobility!

Fix the problems with your hip mobility to build explosive speed for the lacrosse seasons! Here’s 5 drills to help!

Editor’s Note: A former two-sport DI athlete at Fairfield University, Kelly has dedicated his life to building better lacrosse athletes, on and off of the field. Sean contributes regularly from his state-of-the-art Sports and Mental Preparation Facility in New Jersey. Take it from here, Sean!

[mks_separator style=”solid” height=”2″] The faster, most explosive, most agile athlete is usually the one that comes out on top! This is especially true in High School sports.

Fact: Speed Kills!

Speed is a weapon!

So how do you become faster? What’s holding you back from being the fastest athlete on your team? You have been working so hard and you just haven’t gotten faster.

The answer may surprise you.

A lack of hip mobility is holding you back!

YES. . . a lack of hip mobility!

Mobile hips allow an athlete to get into the athletic, powerful positions that are needed to maximize your speed and explosiveness.

Watch the quickest athletes with the most explosive speed on the field and notice the way they drop their hips and change direction on a dime. Notice how they turn and rotate their hips, as they break on the ball, effortlessly.

These athletes have incredible mobility throughout their hips. This allows them to move and explode with speed and fluidity.

Any restrictions in mobility, in and around the hips, would keep these athletes from performing this way. Remember, most sports are rarely played in a straight line. Sports are played in multiple directions, requiring you to be fast in all directions.

So what can you start doing today to become more mobile and maximize your speed and explosiveness?

The 5 Minute Hip Mobility Circuit below will successfully “open up” your hips and improve your mobility. Watch the videos below for details on how to perform the exercises.

Five Minute Hip Mobility Circuit for Explosive Speed

1. Piriformis and Glute Hip Flexor Stretch Exercise with Lacrosse Ball / Yoga Tune-Up Alpha Ball

Perform this exercise for 30 seconds per side

2. Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch (progress to wall)

Perform this exercise for 30 seconds per leg

3. Seated Piriformis Stretch

Perform this exercise for 30 seconds per leg

4. Pigeon Pose

Perform this exercise for 30 seconds per leg

5. Deep Squat with Wall Assist

Perform this exercise for 30 seconds

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If you have tight hips start doing this 5 Minute Hip Mobility Circuit immediately DAILY and you will be on your way to explosive speed by becoming a faster, more fluid athlete!

If any of your teammates, friends or family have tight hips and can benefit from these videos, spread the love!

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