All Star Game
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Watch AHM All Star Game And Finals!

If you’re looking for something to watch before a great college lacrosse game comes on the old television set, I can’t recommend the tail end of the Ales Hrebesky Memorial international box lacrosse tournament any more effusively.

Not only is the game quality well worth your time (guys like Gavin Prout play in this thing!), but the livestream game feeds are also absolutely top notch! You want crystal clear video of box lacrosse from the Czech Repulic? You got it. This is great stuff!

First up we’re got the Czech Republic national team (or something close to it) playing against the World Lacrosse All-Stars. Last minute change here! The European All Stars will take on the World All Stars (US and Canada basically). This should be awesome! Each All Star team is typically made up of approximately 3-4 all stars per team, with 21 teams competing.

While the tourney games are two 15 minute periods or three 12 minutes periods, the All Star Game is longer, and it’s always a hotly contested game. There is actually a lot of pride on the line here, and last year the World All Stars won the game, so expect a tough contest no matter who is playing!

Watch the AHM All Star Game HERE

LIVE stream starts at 1:55 pm ET on Friday.

But that’s not it! There is also the placement games, which start at 1:55 am ET, and goes on through the early afternoon on the East Coast. The Semifinals will be played at 9:55 am, and 10:5 5am ET. Third place is played on 1:05 pm, and the finals play out at 1:55 pm. Watch it ALL here.

Here is some video from last year to wet your whistle:

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Ales Hrebesky Memorial 2014 | Prague Box Lacrosse”]

Yeah, when I told you it was awesome, I wasn’t kidding!

I definitely need to get back to this tournament sometime soon. One year off and I’m bumming! Watching online has been great though, so get on board with the Ales Hrebesky Memorial this weekend. It never disappoints! Also make sure you check out the World All Stars jerseys. They are always a hot commodity!