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Waterdogs 2021 PLL Week 2
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Waterdogs Wreak Havoc in Week 2

The Waterdogs were able to dispatch the league’s two lowest-ranked teams en route to a much-needed two-win weekend. They now sit in fourth place heading into the bye week.

If you missed the action from Week 1, get caught up here before reading further.


Game Recaps

Chaos (12) vs Waterdogs (14)

If the Waterdogs had a human mascot, it would be Mikie Schlosser. The Michigan grad looks the part, lives the lifestyle, and put nearly all of his skills on display for a PLL audience that might not be familiar to him. He stresses the defense with his alley dodges and makes his living picking corners on the run.

The score in this game is so misleading, because there were five two-bombs. There were only 21 goals, which feels low to me given the offensive talent on both sides. The Chaos continued to struggle at the stripe, and while their defense looked better than in Week 1, it still remains a liability.

Whipsnakes (15) vs Cannons (14) (OT)

If Week 2 taught us anything, it’s that the Whipsnakes are still kings, but the Cannons can and will continue to challenge them for the crown. The stats were just about even across the board, minus the Whips having eight more turnovers, which was negated by slightly better FO% and SV% along with capitalizing on three man-up opportunities. Every week, the Whips have a different offensive star on display, and this week it was Zed Williams, who had six goals. Nardella and Bernlohr went 55% and 62% at their positions.

Scoring depth is no issue for the Whips; John Haus hit the game winner in OT.

Redwoods (9) vs Atlas (12)

The Redwoods led the Atlas in nearly every category except two: groundballs (26-41) and save% (56%-65%). In a game that proved as close as this one, those two stats can easily decide the contest. The Atlas seemingly found an offensive identity, sharing the ball incredibly well (eight assists on 11 scores) while rookie Jake Carraway routinely took advantage of the space he was given (five points on four goals and seven shots). The addition of Craig Chick to the lineup was immediately felt on defense as he created three turnovers in his 2021 debut for Atlas. The ‘Woods struggled to convert their offensive possessions as Jack Concannon looked like his 2019 self with a 65% save percentage.

Chrome (9) vs Waterdogs (14)

While Schlosser continued to make an impact offensively, veteran Ryan Brown stole the show with a five-goal performance. The Waterdogs absolutely took over in the fourth quarter, netting five in a row. The Chrome offense seemed to be missing too many pieces to get anything going, and the Bernhardt injury early in the game led to roster shuffling and a less ideal outcome. I still think the Chrome are plenty capable and competitive, but like in years past, they’re currently battling some key injuries.

Chaos (8) vs Archers (12)

The PLL’s Jake Watts said it best:

The Chaos need Curtis Dickson back, and it’s never been more apparent. Dhane Smith is shouldering the weight of the entire offense at times, and that’s too big of a burden for a midfielder. If not for Ian MacKay hitting two two-bombs (as a long pole), the score is 12-4, and the actual offense accounts for four goals, all from midfielders. The Archers continued to show why they are the league’s most potent offense, putting up 53 shots and getting goals from seven different players.

5 Best Performances

*Zach Currier, Waterdogs midfield: 14 ground balls, four caused turnovers, one goal, and two assists.

*Mikie Schlosser, Waterdogs midfield: five goals, one two-bomb, 60% shooting, and NO turnovers.

*Ryan Brown, Waterdogs attack: eight goals, 53% shooting, and NO turnovers.

Archers Offense: 12 goals from seven scorers, with eight of the goals assisted.

Jack Concannon, Atlas goalie: 65% save percentage with 17 saves and just nine goals against.

* = indicates two-game total

Updated Standings