premier lacrosse league attendance and viewership
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Welcome to the Future – Premier Lacrosse League


This stick.

Without it, I never would’ve been able to fulfill a dream of playing lacrosse for a living. It’s been a way for me to see the world, meet incredible people, hear unbelievable stories. It’s been a way for me to form friendships with teammates, coaches, and fans everywhere I go. It’s been a way for me to compete for a revered college, professional, and international championship.

And it’s because of this stick, that we’re starting the Premier Lacrosse League.

Millions of kids have sticks like mine in their hands daily, all over the world. Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports, with expansive roots at the youth, high school, collegiate, and international levels. As a sport, however, we’ve yet to unlock our potential of having a truly modern, innovative, and interactive pro league.

When my brother Mike and I decided to start the PLL, we heard the same excuses why we shouldn’t: It’s been tried before. There are already enough leagues. Lacrosse is a niche sport.

We think differently.

This league is built by the players, for the fans. The players will be the catalysts for generations to come. Bringing their talents into your living rooms, onto your phones, and into your backyards every season.

Much like my stick today has evolved from the one I used when I began, so has the game. The Premier Lacrosse League will pioneer a new future for our sport.

Can’t wait for you to experience it.

Paul Rabil signature

Originally published on, this is the long awaited announcement from Paul Rabil, breaking concrete details on the emergence of the new professional lacrosse league on the horizon.

This is major news with big vision. Let us know what you think of Paul and the rest of the players’ action to create a new and better league.