What’s In The Box!?!?!?

Brad Pitt seven

I love getting packages in the mail.  For me, it usually means lacrosse gear.  A box full o’ chrome Nike Elite 10 Heads from the guys over at STX/Nike, and I shed a tear or two of joy.

What's in the... what's in the...

A new head I’ve never tried before and it’s CHROME.  Gotta love that.  My source says that the heads didn’t pass the perfection tests so they sent them over to us.  I looked at the heads and tried to find the supposed imperfections, but I don’t think I really located any.  So at the very least, quality control on these bad boys is very serious. Good to see!


A quick preview of the head: it’s very light, nice and stiff, has a full scoop, and it’s pretty narrow.  There are a ton of sidewall holes and 6 holes on the scoop.  So far, so great!

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