White out lacrosse helmet lax lid
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White Out Lacrosse Helmets: The NEW Murdered Out Lid

Remember when Duke whipped out those sweet, sweet, murdered out matte black helmets?  And then Loyola busted out some matt green lids?  Of course you do.  But what’s next?  And how could a team possibly hope to out-cool the matte black clad Blue Devils?  It’s simple, and opposite:  White on white lacrosse helmets.

Cuse closes out Duke 13-11- 14
I like those green chin straps.

Now before you flay me for breaking one of 412’s key uniform rules (no white lids unless you are a two color school), let me caveat that this helmet approach will NOT work for everyone.  But it would definitely work for some teams.  There’s no doubt there!

Duke pulled the shiny black logo on the matte black shell, but in order for the White Out approach to work, I think you need to go opposite-ville.  Ideally, you’d have a brand new shiny white helmet, and then get flat, or matte, white decals for the helmet.  Duke’s approach looked especially good because they used a very simple logo, and the slight contrast was more than enough to be evident.

So who would this approach work for in the college game, you ask?  Great question.

Penn State instantly jumps to mind.  An all white helmet with a flat white PSU logo would be sweet.  The PSU logo is nice and big, and they have it in white already, so that would be an easy move.  Cornell could also pull off this look with ease, simply by slapping a white “C” on the side of each helmet.  Back panels could easily be used as well, and I think a matte white backpanel with a see through “Cornell” or “Big Red” running acrosse the back would be sweet.  They could even keep the red facemasks if they wanted to.  But I’d LOVE to see Cascade offer some sort of white facemask.  Or even a matte facemask.  That could be really cool.

Schools like Dartmouth and Middlebury could also adopt this look, but of these two northern New England schools, I can only see Dartmouth giving it a shot because Midd has rocked the Navy lid with a white M on it for years.  I can’t see them switching it up.  I could however see another NESCAC school, like Bowdoin, giving this a shot.  At the DII level, Mercyhurst could pull this off with their green and white colors and in the MCLA, I could see Chapman or Michigan State rocking this look to perfection.  I would say Indiana could pull it off, but everyone knows they don’t rock white, they rock cream.  Although a white on cream lid would be sick.

Could you imagine Washington & Lee back in all white helmets?  How I left this out of the post originally, we shall never know.  Thanks Cam!

I created a real life half-assed mock up of what this might look like on one of my helmets by taking two white Mac (computer) stickers and slapping them on the sides of my helmet.  Work with what you’ve got.  In photos, the contrast is minimal, but in person you can really see it nicely.  And it definitely makes you look twice.  So is this the new murdered out look for 2012?  Think we’ll see any college teams take the White Out approach?

White out lacrosse helmet lax lid
It’s subtle. But BA!


White out lacrosse helmet lax lid
Penn State logo > Mac logo. Oh well.
White out lacrosse helmet lax lid
CPX-R has a great place for a GTG sticker too!