WILC Gold Medal Highlights
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WILC Gold Medal Highlights – LONG FORM

Get ready for 17 minutes of WILC Gold Medal Highlights! Canada defeated the Iroquois Nationals 12-8 in the gold medal game for the 2015 WILC, and it was an exciting game from start to finish. That’s why these highlights are so long!

Photo Credit: Jeff Melnik

The Iroquois took an early lead, but Canada stormed back and held a slight lead for much of the game. Towards the end, the Canadians extended their lead, and made the final score a little wider of a margin than the game reflected.

These WILC Gold Medal Highlights really showcase the game, and while it’s far from the entire contest, it shows lots of long possessions, defensive stands, and some other interesting bits. Casual fans will likely not find this video all that compelling, but I expect fellow box nerds to watch this over and over again. It’s almost educational!

WILC Gold Medal Highlights

[fvplayer src=”https://youtube.com/watch?v=CaeCIs5XKf8″ splash=”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/CaeCIs5XKf8/hqdefault.jpg” caption=”Canada 12, Iroquois 8 – World Indoor Lacrosse Gold Medal Long Highlight”]

Watching box from this angle is awesome. You can really see how the players move, and how plays develop. You lose some of the glitz of a fancy highlight (no doubt about that), but I thought it was interesting to see how a big game played out on a slightly deeper level. Hopefully this video delivered on that!

I really enjoyed watching this one go down from up on high, and the fans sitting around me seemed to love the birds-eye view of this contest as well. The Carrier Dome was a superb place for this game to be played, and there is shot in there of the box on half of the Dome turf with the rest left bare. It was bizarre to see, but also kind of inspiring in a weird way. You could see how much effort had been put in to make this happen correctly.

There is plenty more video coming your way from the 2015 WILC, so stay tuned to LaxAllStars.com, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great video!