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will yeatman
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Will Yeatman: GameChanger Lacrosse Podcast

Today on the show we have Will Yeatman.

Will attended Notre Dame and Maryland. He played lacrosse and football at both schools.

At Notre Dame, Will was first team All-Great Western Lacrosse League and Rookie of the Year. He was a preseason second-team All-American as a sophomore but ended up not playing lacrosse that year. His Junior year, he transferred to Maryland and was a significant contributor to the team for 2 years while also playing football. In 2010, he was selected to tryout for the US National Team.

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He was signed as a rookie free agent by the New England Patriots. He played three years with the Miami Dolphins and one year with the Houston Texans.

Will and I got a chance to talk about a lot of different things, like his recruiting experience with both lacrosse and football, learning how to play your role on the team, hard work and validation, his experience with the New England Patriots, learning mental toughness in the NFL and much more.

Will Yeatman: GameChanger

About the Host

Joe Yevoli (@joeyevoli) is an Entrepreneur and former Professional Lacrosse Player in the MLL.

Joe’s a graduate of the University of Virginia, and Syracuse University. He’s a two time All-American, 2002 ACC Rookie of the Year, and a member of the 2003 Virginia National Championship team.

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