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wood lacrosse shafts - stabilized wood - msn lazer
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Not Your Ordinary Wood Lacrosse Shafts

Wood lacrosse shafts have been around since the beginning of the game. In fact, players have generally moved away from wood for metal alloys or composite materials in modern times.

But that was before these stabilized wood lacrosse shafts from MSN Lazer.

Wood Stabilization - MSN Lazer Wood Lacrosse Shafts

Using expert craftsmanship along with the knowledge and expertise of elite athletes, MSNLazer has transformed the traditional wood lacrosse shaft into something much, much more.

There are several unique shafts that MSNLazer concocted, and they’re all designed to produce the best results based upon what type of lacrosse player you are. Whether you’re a beginner first learning the game or so deep in the sport you need something specific to your position, MSNLazer can customize a wood lacrosse shaft perfect for you.

These wood lacrosse shafts are revolutionary, with unique technology behind them that you won’t find anywhere else. They’re durable, they’re light, and they’re going to change your mind on wooden sticks.

A handful of elite NLL pros have already engaged with MSN to create their own shaft designs:

Regulation length for an American field lacrosse shaft is 30 inches, but there are lots of different variations of lacrosse. For example, you might prefer something longer for box lacrosse, or perhaps you simply want an alternate length for personal reasons.

With these wood shafts, you can find options in 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40 inches, giving you the flexibility to play how you want.

Not only are these wood lacrosse shafts the highest-quality wood sticks you’ll have ever used, the artwork on each is unrivaled. With a laser cutting system operated by only the best in the business, the designs, letterings and embroideries on each shaft upgrade these sticks from just a piece of equipment to a piece of productive art. If you don’t want to use this stick in games or at practice, it will look just as nice hanging on the wall to commemorate the sport we all love.

The Starter Lacrosse Shaft is meant to introduce people to the sport of lacrosse, so it’s perfect for growing the game. Grip spots are placed at strategic points of the stick to aide learning how to shoot, handle and position your hands through the varying skills. Each shaft weighs approximately 100 grams, allowing newcomers to focus on learning, not lugging.

If you have some lacrosse experience under your belt, the Feather Lite Lacrosse Shaft is where you want to look. Based on the name, you can imagine what this wood lacrosse shaft feels like in your hands. With a weight of 100 grams and groundbreaking technology to make you forget you’re carrying anything at all, we can say with confidence that this is the lightest shaft on the market. This style is best for attacking and offensively-focused players who are looking for better control and a lighter, incomparable feel.

Along with its shafts, MSNLazer is solving the needs of goalies, too. Instead of wasting pounds of tape and the inconvenience of wrapping a pool noodle around your stick, MSNLazer created something that fulfills the same role but works even better – the Box Goalie Fat Shaft.

Box goalies will be gleeful to seal up the five hole with this add-on for a stick. It’ll help knock more balls down and increase your stick-side stability. Nothing like this has ever been seen on the market before, and with how soft this wood is, you’ll never lose control of a rebound. The standard weight of the Box Goalie Fat Shaft is .5 lbs, but it’s also available in FOAM! Goalies rejoice – you can replace your pool noodle now.

MSN Lazer wood lacrosse shafts are 100% made in Canada from hand-selected Canadian lumber, and each model comes with a built-in wood butt end. Customization is available for every model, meaning you can design the extra right fit for you, your tastes and your game.

Don’t chuck around a clunky hunk of metal like it’s still 2020. Welcome back previously-thought primitive technology into the future with the greatest and lightest wood lacrosse shafts ever made!

wood lacrosse shafts by msn lazer