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Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom
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What Is A Great Leader?

A great leader will not be a leader of followers. He or she will be a leader or leaders.

Being selected as a captain last year was one of the most rewarding happenings of my lacrosse career. Many, if not the majority, of my teammates were captains or, at the very least, leaders on their college teams. Many had been on multiple professional rosters. They’d all been around the game at a high level for a while. To me, being designated as a captain meant that I’d earned respect as a leader of leaders.

My role on the team changed dramatically this year. As such, my role as a captain changed. I was always told that you cannot lead from the back. I disagree. I found this year, that the best thing I could do for my team, was to play the role that I was being asked to play, to do so with enthusiasm, and to lead by example. In doing so, it allowed others to best do the things that they do best. Sometimes leading, and service require us to humble ourselves and to let others take center stage. And if we are leading others in a way that does not cause or inspire them to reach their full potential and to lead others then what good are we doing? Regardless of who the men, women, children are that we are charged with leading, we should want to lead them to think for themselves, make great decisions for themselves, and to develop a level of chapter for themselves that causes others to want to follow in their footsteps. I order to do so, we sometimes need to sit back and let them grow on their own. Leadership and service to hand in hand. If we are not serving we are not leading. And as we lead, it should serve a purpose other than ourselves. Make it a GREAT weekend! Stay blessed. Chazz Woodson