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Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom
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Let Go

Ask any leader why he or she is willing to forgive and forget, and you’ll hear, “I don’t have time to be bitter. I only have time to be better. – Stan Toler

Minorly or majorly, we’ve all been wronged at some point by somebody. Maybe it was a friend that betrayed your trust, or through you under the bus. Maybe you were passed over for a position that you deserved. Maybe a coach did not give you the playing time that you believe you deserved. Professionally, personally, athletically, and otherwise we have to keep in mind, that life happens. But bitterness and resentment do us no good. They only serve to hold us back from the better things ahead of us. By no means am I suggesting that we should never hurt, or that we are not entitled to being angry. Of course we are. And anger, to a degree, is healthy and therapeutic. But once that fine line is crossed it perverts our view of the world. We become conspiracy theorists, because “we’ve seen it happen,” or because “it always works like that.” This is the same reason that people become jaded in and about relationships. It’s the same way that certain people always feel like someone is out to get them, or trap them. There’s a big difference between evidential reasoning based on the world around us, and experiential reasoning based on our own lives. The problem is that we allow our world view to be limited by our life experiences, and our reactions to them. Let go of something this morning, and see if your day gets better. Let go of some things this weekend and see if next week is better. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in the mud. Move #FORWARD. Don’t be bitter. #BeBETTER. Make it a GREAT weekend! Stay blessed. Chazz Woodson