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World Championships FINAL Game Photos!

The USA-Canada game is played tomorrow (or early tomorrow morning depending on where you are in the world) but ALL of the other World Championships final placement games are being played today, so these are big! Check out the placement results from 2018 FIL World Championships FINAL below!

2018 World Championships FINAL Games

11th Place – Ireland 10 Vs Scotland 14

Scotland played well, led for almost all of the game, and looked solid on their last day of play to win 11th place over local rival Ireland.

ireland scotland lacrosse ireland scotland lacrosse

13th Place – Wales 7 Vs Jamaica 10

Jamaica may have finished second in their group, but after the loss to Israel on opening night, the Jamaicans just straight up WON their way to a World Championships final standing. In fact, after losing their first game, they won every next game they played, looked dominant at times, and had a great showing in their first ever World Lacrosse Championships final game standings, finishing in 13th place!

Learn more about Jamaica’s run HERE.

jamaica lacrosse World Championships FINAL

15th Place – Italy 3 Vs Finland 16

Finland played well from start to finish, showed their skills, conditioning, and diversity of talent for the win.


23rd Place – Slovakia 11 Vs Austria 9

Austria was up earlier in the game, but Slovakia kept pushing, made the comeback, and came out with the win for 23rd.

25th Place – Czech Republic 7 Vs Sweden 9

Sweden finished strong, won some big late games and made it to 25th place as their World Championships final placement. Great showing by both of these programs in 2018!

sweden lacrosse sweden lacrosse

27th Place – Hong Kong 15 Vs Hungary 5

Hong Kong showed depth and diversity, while a smaller Hungary roster battled through the last day admirably.

29th Place – Belgium 8 Vs Argentina 12

Argentina pulled it back together on the last couple of days, and winning this game means they finish with a 2 in front of their placement instead of a 3. That’s big!

argentina lacrosse argentina lacrosse

31st Place – Poland 4 Vs Spain 9

Spain earned another big win over a fellow European team, and they showed that while their program may be newer they are still ready to come out and compete with more established national programs. This was a great showing for Spain!

spain poland lacrosse

37th Place – Bermuda 9 Vs Mexico 6

Bermuda was in a tough group, but afterwards they played good lacrosse and won plenty of games to finish in the Top 40.

mexico lacrosse World Championships FINALmexico bermuda lacrosse 2018

39th Place – Peru 11 Vs Uganda 10

Uganda was up big in this one and Peru had to put together a massive 5-1 4th quarter comeback to sneak out with a win on the final day. Congrats to both teams for ending the tourney with such a great game!

41st Place – Taiwan 8 Vs China 7

This one went down to the wire! China was up, Taiwan came back and with an 8-7 lead late in the game Taiwan’s keeper made a huge save to preserve the lead. The goalie for Taiwan played incredibly all game, and should be the team’s MVP of the game. A one goal win, a huge save with 5 seconds left, and one heck of a game!

45th Place – Colombia 13 Vs Luxembourg 10

In the battle over last place and second to last place we saw a great contest! Luxembourg put up some serious goals, Colombia put up 3 more than that, and both teams got to end their tourneys with a competitive, hard fought game. Congrats to both squads!

colombia lacrosse colombia lacrosse

More FIL Action To Come!

35th Place – Korea 12 Vs Russia 7
21st Place – New Zealand 10 vs Netherlands 6
3rd Place – Iroquois 14 Vs Australia 12
19th Place – Switzerland 6 Vs Greece 8
9th Place Germany 8 Vs Philippines 5
43rd Place – Turkey 8 Vs Croatia 15
5th Place – Japan 9 Vs England 11
17th Place – Norway 10 Vs Latvia 9
33rd Place – Denmark 7 Vs France 13
7th Place – Israel 12 Vs Puerto Rico 1