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World Lacrosse Championships: Training Week

We are out in Denver, CO for the World Lacrosse Championships. While we’re extremely busy getting Thailand ready for their first ever WLC appearance, we’re also all over the place, checking in with teams, watching practices, and scoping out all the fresh new gear.

We have seen members from Team Canada, The Iroquois, England, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, Norway, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Uganda, Austria, Wales, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, and many more. It’s been an amazing experience already, and the games are still a couple of days away!

Colleen Evans of US Lacrosse has been the absolute star of the event so far. We have no idea how she has stayed so organized, or how she keeps smiling so much. She loves lax, obviously, but is also going above and beyond to make all the teams feel at home. The dorms at Denver are superb, and practicing at Peter Barton Stadium every day has been spectacular for all the teams. This is true from the top squads, all the way down to the newer teams.

Clearly, we’ve also shot some video already. It’s only getting better from here!

World Lacrosse Championships – Training Week

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Check out a couple of sweet photos we’ve posted as well. Like the video, this is only getting better as time passes!

We met a couple of the Iroquois Nationals:


We also got a sneak peak at Wales’ wonderful helmets:


I got to meet Oren Lyons and have been able to speak with him quite a bit. That’s been a BIG check on my bucket list!


Speaking of meeting awesome people… Uganda Cranes Lacrosse is in the house, and the whole Denver 2014 scene is pumped up to have them here and playing!


Finally, I got to hang out with JoJo War Drummer, which is always fun, at the July 4th Denver Outlaws game. That was an awfully fun time, and the fireworks were super solid!


We’ll be back with tons more content over the coming days and weeks. Don’t sleep on it. Denver 2014 is the real deal. It’s World Lacrosse Championships time!