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Would You Like To Learn How To String Traditional Pockets?

Editor’s Note: Muamer Razic is back with a great post on how YOU can learn how to string traditional.  Or how you can buy a really good traditional stick!  Weston From Colorado hooks it up!

Is it just me or are a lot more people switching over to traditional pockets over mesh? Connor Wilson would be so proud. A lot of people wish they could string traditional sticks. I love seeing people that can string traditional pockets with their own personal touch. I know a good amount of people can string them, but they aren’t as experienced enough to add their personal touches, like making their own pockets! So when I ran across Weston on YouTube I was amazed! See, Weston isn’t like other stick doctors; he makes tutorials on YouTube so you can actually SEE how to do it! Not only that, but he has also came up with his own style of traditional pockets and modified some known ones. So Mr. Polivka, let me introduce you to the LAS community, where traditional pockets are LOVED!

Weston strung up my Under Armour Mercenary (review coming soon!!) with his Kobra Lite Pocket, and all I have to say is WOW!!

Under Armour Mercenary head Kobra Lite pocket
Look at this beauty!

A lot of people want to learn how to string traditional sticks but it’s not an easy task. Some people can just read how to do it or figure out how to do it themselves, but most people need to see how to do it to learn for themselves. So, if you want to learn to string traditional pockets make sure to check out his YouTube channel and get to learning!  He also strings sticks up for people so if you end up just wanting him to do it for you all you have to do is ask him!

How long have you been stringing up lacrosse sticks?

I have been stringing heads since freshman year of high school (2004). For my first custom I cut pleather strips from out couch for the runners, some twine from my mom’s sewing drawer, and some random shoelaces I found in our medicine cabinet. I was so proud of it. I was showing it off to all my teammates, and since most of them were pretty new to customs, everyone just agreed that it was pretty sweet. The pleather was really stretchy, and the first pass I received in a game went right through my stick! I immediately switched back to my $30 back-up stick from Sports Authority (possibly Gart Sports at that time), but everyone got a kick out of it.

Who taught you how to string?

I did! It took two pleather pockets, before I went out and bought a Warrior stringing kit. The kit explained traditional, but I wanted a twist, so I made a pita pocket center, and a sort of reverse “Rock-it pocket” outer cross lace design. That pocket did really well, and I played with it through high school. Even the cockiest, best lacrosse player on the team complimented it, which gave me the confidence to continue stringing.

What made you decide to make a YouTube channel with tutorials on how to string certain traditional pockets?

I saw that there was nothing on YouTube showing people to string traditional, and I knew that someone had to do it. I started because I wanted to be THAT person!

What do you do if a customer doesn’t like a string job you did for him?

Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet. If it did, I would ask them to cut the strings out of the pocket, and send them back for a full refund. That, or pay to have them send it back, and then fix whatever their complaint is.

What do you do to grow the Game?

I encourage people to stick with it. I acknowledge good players, and stringers, and share other talent I find online with my video playlists.

You must get a lot of requests from viewers, how do you decide what kind of tutorial you will make?

My first tutorials were me experimenting with pockets. I had never created a Mosh pocket before the tutorial, so I was happy when it actually preformed! My newer tutorials are going to be of the more popular non-patented pockets. Apparently the Heat Pocket is not patented, but a bunch of the people on TLF decided that no one should do the tutorial out of respect to the guy who created it… I don’t want to make anyone mad by stringing their pocket differently then they intended and calling it a “tutorial”, so I just listen to what everyone wants, and doesn’t want me to do.

How long (on average) does it take you to string up a stick and make the video?

Tutorials take ALL DAY because of the editing. Kobra Pockets take me about 4-5 hours, and regular traditional or pita pockets take me about 3 hours between stringing it, tweaking it, and admiring it.

How often do you string up lacrosse heads?

Every day!

How did you manage to come up with your own traditional pockets?

I just mix and match the different knots from different pockets, and combine them in a way that seems practical.

Are your videos a big hit with the lacrosse community on YouTube?

Somewhat. I am more popular among younger kids. The serious lacrosse players seem to gravitate towards TLF, or just use Mesh.

How do you decide what kind of traditional pocket to string up on a head?

I just string whatever my customers and viewers want me to string.

What’s your stick set up right now?

A dyed Warrior Helix with 10D Catapultion mesh from jimalax on an STX Sci-Ti Pro.

Do you stick with one brand of stringing supplies or do you use various companies? (Check out Stick Doctor, I use their supplies and I think they’re the best right now, plus it’s cheap!)

I buy from Stick Doctor, Jimalax, Sportstop, and Stringersshack. I try to have as much string variety as possible.

Want EVEN MORE traditional stringing?

Well check out Sweet Sweet Lax to get your total fix on all things lax gear!
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