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It’s one of those days. Good news is on the horizon.

Hope you didn’t miss the recent posts from Connor Wilson and The Kyle Devitte. Quality stuff.

We’re going to run through a few items that have come to my attention lately. I’ll try not to bore you with details. Just facts.

Exhibit A: Patriot Cup Highlights

If you haven’t seen it yet, BHSvideodad released a new video. This time: OREGON vs. MICHIGAN. Here’s his synopsis:

The marquee game of the 2010 Patriot Cup.  This game had everything.  Underdog Oregon going ahead early.  Oregon’s defense holding Michigan to only 4 goals in regulation.  The temperature in Dallas going from 70 on Friday to 37 and snow during the game.  Nick Johnston having a standout night in goal.  Michigan has the ball and the lead with 19 seconds remaining, only to lose the ball for an Oregon throw in with 11 seconds and a score by Max Schlesinger to time the game with 5 seconds remaining.  Oh yeah a goal by Yealy in OT.  Well you can’t have it all.


Exhibit B: Con Bro’s Channel

He redecorated. What do you think?

You can also become a fan on Facebook if you dare. 412 is a fan.


Exhibit C: Deadspin Antics

Yesterday, Deadspin posted this video. (We also linked to this in today’s Daily Cheese.) This morning I opened my inbox and the first email I see contains this link and one line that reads “What’s wrong with your people?”

Made me think. While this whole fight thing may be moderately entertaining if you’re a former WWE fan or current MMA enthusiast, is it really necessary for the NLL? Is staging all these fights a survival tactic?


Exhibit D: HomeField Partners with the MCLA

Props to the guys at HomeField for securing this partnership. Look out for an in-depth report on the HomeField team and product shortly.


Exhibit E: Maverik Sponsoring The Mavericks

From the press release:

Maverik Lacrosse today announced that it will outfit the Mesa State College “Mavericks” Men’s NCAA Division II lacrosse team with equipment, bags and apparel for their inaugural 2011 season.   Mesa State College is the first ever state school west of Ohio to add a varsity men’s lacrosse program and has 27 players already committed to play for the “Mavericks” in 2011.

“We went with Maverik because they are as committed as we are to growing the sport of lacrosse beyond the East coast,” said AJ Stevens, head men’s lacrosse coach at Mesa State College.  “Maverik’s equipment is on the cutting-edge of technology as well as design and I believe it will give us instant credibility in our recruiting efforts.  I can’t say enough for John Gagliardi and Sean Lindsay’s belief in our program.”

The Mesa State Maybachs:

Maverik Mesa State


Exhibit F: Michael Strahan Blooper Reel…

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  1. the Maybach gloves for Mesa State are pretty sick. The white tips on the fingers are a nice addition to that glove.

    Strahan is a joker but he seemed to pick up the skills pretty fast. Guess it helps when the ball is glued to your stick!

    The Oregon Michigan highlights are sick. Well done to BHSvideodad… as usual, top level product!

    The fighting in the NLL is a little scripted. They usually know they'll fight before the game even starts, which is lame. If someone cheap shots your star, then fight them. But to more or less set it up before the game? lame. I didn't pay to see a boxing match, I paid to see some sweet lax.