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Colton Raichl
Growing up in Bend Oregon I found lacrosse to be my passion in the 7th grade. Now I am a junior attackman at the University of Idaho. If I'm not playing lacrosse I'm either watching lacrosse, playing with my dog, or stringing a stick. Follow me on Twitter @ColtonRaichlLAS and Instagram at Colton Raichl. Go Vandals!

Stick Trick Saturday: The Playoff Push

The playoff push is meant for you to incorporate wall ball into your stick trick routine. When every game is a win or go home game in the playoffs you will need that extra edge to make a game changing play. Working with the wall, play wall ball only using the sidewall of your stick and see how far back from the wall you can get.

Stick Trick Saturday: The Thompson Toss

I would be willing to say without a doubt that the Thompson trio from Albany has the best stick skills in the game. Unfortunately they haven't been on ESPNU or ESPN3 a lot lately. So you would have to get your Thompson highlights from YouTube.

Stick Trick Saturday: Girlfriend Getter 2.0

Alright everyone we have all seen the girlfriend getter by now. A nice little flick of the wrists allows your stick to do a sweet flip after you bounce it off the ground. Now we are doing this trick with two sticks now. This will increase your hand eye coordination which is extremely important in lacrosse.

Stick Trick Saturday: The 380

I was contacted by the 380 Lacrosse crew, all the way over in Pennsylvania, about showin' some love on Stick Trick Saturday.

Stick Trick Saturday: Tricep Stall

This week's trick, like many in the past, is a Matt Gibson original. You are using your shaft to stall the ball on different parts of your body. This week you will be stalling the ball on your tricep. Be very careful with this one if you aren't careful you can hit yourself in the face like I did.

Stick Trick Saturday: The Sharp Shooter

Hey everyone, by now hopefully your season is in full swing. Which means your stick skills should on point by now. Now more than ever it is crucial to keep improving. Today we're working on the Sharp Shooter!

Stick Trick Saturday: The Rainbow

One thing you hear a lot in the lacrosse world is multi-sport athlete. Almost every college coach prefers a player with a history of playing more than just lacrosse in high school. Whether that be soccer, football, or basketball, it is always good to diversify your talents.

Stick Trick Saturday: Spring Breaker

Finally the weather is turning better and there is more lacrosse on TV, you know that means? It's Spring time! Let's bust out the Spring Breaker!

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