Box-Field-Box Hybrid


Cruising around YouTube results in viewing some pretty awful videos sometimes. That’s just the way of the beast. The actual lacrosse in this video featuring the Dusty Pandas “Box” Lacrosse team out of the Top Gun League in Massachusetts is actually pretty good, in that the kids can catch, pass, dodge and shoot pretty well.  My only question: WHY ARE THERE LONGPOLES ON THE FIELD!?!?!?!

If you want your defenders to have good stick skills, make them play with a shortstick and make them go over the half field line to play some O.  From some of the clips in the video, it is clear that the LPs on this team can throw the wood around just fine, but they clearly need to work on their foot positioning and playing body defense.  Just another reason they should be playing with shortsticks!

This guy probably started out with a shorty.

Finally, we get to the goals.  Please stop using field goals indoors.  The point of training like this is to confine the space and limit the shooting target.  That’s how you get better.  When you get back on the field, the 6’x6′ looks huge.  Sure, the goalies get a little less of a true field workout but the fact is that they are working on stopping a ball, playing angles and baiting shooters.  It transfers just fine TYVM.

There was a box tourney in Louisiana this fall and they had field goals and longsticks on the field.  I had no problem with that because box is SO new down there and the game is still in pretty early growth stages.  The Boston area is a lax hotbed and I even played in a Top Gun League when I was back at Weston High School. We didn’t use longsticks inside back then and played on small goals.  What the heck happened?


  1. I have to say, that Cajun style box was a s*** load of fun, but I agree with what you’re saying.From what I understand, the place where our Fall tourney was held now only uses short sticks and box goals. Also, the box facility that opens in Baton Rouge next month is going to be a true style box. They even bought all the pads for goalies to wear. Pretty shweet.Looks like I need to go get a hockey helmet and a cage…Eh?

  2. We used field goals and allowed one pole per team in our inaugural box league last year. The field goal resulted in allowing the pole. This year we have box goals and no poles. We recognized the need to teach players to put the ball low, which box helps with immensely.
    Oh yeah, we put a high school team in with Iowa State, Drake, and two mens teams. When those kids step onto the field during the HS season, they have no fear.

    • Can’t really agree with this… while I agree a little that it could hamper your on field shot selection to a certain extent but the same thing can be said about field goals when they are used indoors. Hear me out…

      A field goal is big because you are typically shooting from pretty far out. Box lacrosse results in a lot more in close shots. a 10 yard shot is a good shot to give up in box. So… by playing on big goals, kids are being babied and when they go out and play field lacrosse and that easy 7 yard shot becomes a 12 yard shot, they suffer.

      The motions might not always be the same but when you look at Canadians who come down to the states to play field lacrosse, no one questions their ability to finish. Why? because they’ve been playing on 4x4s and a 6×6 is literally MORE than twice as big. 16 square feet vs 36 square feet.

      Just like playing different sports will make you a better lacrosse player, so will playing a different style of lacrosse, on smaller goals. And forcing kids to shoot low is NEVER a bad thing. top cheese is great but it’s not the only way to rip!

      I’d be less worried about corrupting a kids shooting motion (he should have many) and more worried on their accuracy. 4x4s force you to shoot accurately. I think my point stands.

  3. It’s kind of funny and strange to see longpoles and a large net in a “box” game.

    With this is mind, it’s not really a box game, but more of a field lacrosse game that they’ve taken inside. Sure, the size of the field is different, but last time I checked, in a box game you don’t get much breathing room behind the net. They added so much room behind the nets, and by doing this guys are shooting from freakin’ half way!

    What is the point? It’s cool to see guys trying to get a “box” league going, but seriously, at least give a little effort into trying to be authentic. I’m not talking about guys wearing field lacrosse helmets durring the game, though…

    I would like to see more authenticity in these “box leagues.” I think that tossing the idea of using three longpoles, or any longpoles for that matter and replacing them with shorties would be a grand idea. Also, take baby steps. If you can’t necesarrily get box equipment, because, lets face that shit’s expensive, go for the box goal, move it back 10 feet and get the field goalie in net. Just a suggestion.

    In all, It deffinetly is cool to see box leagues showing up in the states, that isn’t lost on me, but lets get a little authentic here, fellas.