Can You Kill A Fly From 15 Feet Away… With A Lacrosse Stick?


Flies are super annoying. They enter your life in the warmer months and just buzz around your apartment or house. No matter how hard you try, you can never seem to do this:

That’s probably because you aren’t trained in martial arts… but you are trained in lacrosse! So maybe you can make that work instead. The only sad thing is that you wouldn’t be the first one to do it, because it’s already been done!

We have NO IDEA who these guys are, but we are impressed with their ability to take down a fly from 15 feet away using only a lacrosse stick and a ball. We prefer the Miagi approach of non-lethal force, but this shot is just too impressive to pass up.

It’s not every day you can do pest control with a lacrosse ball. Well done whoever you guys are!