Crosse Clicks: Lacrosse In The Snow

Those are some SERIOUS snow banks!

This installment of Crosse Clicks is all about lacrosse in the snow. Since the Northeast just got dumped on, it seemed completely appropriate. Don’t miss the College Lacrosse Video Explosion either. Lots of good stuff in there!

GSI University Video

GSI Agder is in Norway, and the lacrosse revolution just keeps on rolling in that country. It seems like we find a new team there every month or two!

Snowy College Fields

Bryant in Rhode Island:

UMass’ Garber Field:

Those are some SERIOUS snow banks!

See more of Tommy Gilligan’s amazing UMass – Army photos here.

Less Snow in PA for Lehigh:

Pete Vlahakis’ Lax Hounds

MCLA In The Snow

Utah and Boise State…

Doesn't look TOO cold...
Doesn’t look TOO cold…

Got a great lacrosse in the snow sighting? Send it in to us and we’ll add it to the post!