Expand Your Reach

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Good Monday morning, ladies and gentlemen! Happy February and happy Black History Month!

“The reason why God is allowing you to go through what He’s allowing you to go through is because you’ve been too smooth and you ain’t going as far as you need to.” – Eric Thomas.

It’s been on my mind since Saturday morning to send this one out. I don’t think the message here needs to be adjusted, but I’ll add a second message to it. Approach this week with at least one goal that is bigger than you and your immediate world. Whether that goal is some sort of service goal, communication or reconnection goal, or anything else, keep it at the forefront of your mind, and make it a priority to accomplish. Expand your reach, this week. Don’t let the confines of immediacy keep you from flying!

Make it a GREAT day, and a GREAT week!

Stay blessed.