Fallball Video Strikes Back


Fall scrimmages don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but the contests do let the guys get out and play (which is always good). And they provide the rest of us with plenty of lacrosse action to pass the time until the season starts. EVERYONE who wants to do something in the spring does something in the fall, and the work that is put in will have a big impact on spring performance.

A good fall means momentum is waxing and not waning, but it doesn’t necessarily mean “winning” all of your scrimmages.  It’s a chance to work on fundamentals, instill good team chemistry, learn from your mistakes, be a better team and even make some early evaluations.  The fall ball season is a time of building so we never read into it too much, but it’s always fun to check in and see how teams or individuals out there are faring.

First up is what I believe to be USDCal Fullerton.  The whole video is basically Cal Fullerton working the ball around on offense and if anything, it shows that the USD has an OK goalie.  If CSUF wants any notes, they should focus on finding open guys on the crease.  Lots of looks, all alone.  Feed the ball inside!

Next up is DelawareOhio State.  OSU is already down 1-0 for wearing all white helmets.  Just no need for that.  Silver helmets.  Stick with a good tradition.  Delaware also goes down a goal early for their own egregious white helmet violation.  Before the first whistle -1 to -1.  Rough start.  I’m sad to say I know someone else, close to my heart, that will be flagged for the all white dome look this spring, but we’ll save that for another time.

Neither UDelaware nor OSU is loaded with guys who can create shots on their own and the offensive action was a little stagnant at times. OSU has some size and athleticism and Delaware has a couple guys with good handle and COD. Of the two I think OSU could have a better year, but in order to do so, they’ll definitely need to win some close games and play smart.  They can’t just rely on their athleticism alone.

Onondaga CC (NJCAA National Champs in 2010) took on SUNY-Potsdam on the campus of Syracuse University.  OCC has the guys to go 1 on 1, but worked a lot of feeds inside and this resulted in some turnovers.  Good mistakes to make in fall ball.  Their D looked physical, especially the short sticks, and this can be a huge help to any team in search of another title.

Over on lax.com there are some top notch highlights of Princeton and Georgetown.  Princeton has shooters, dodgers, size and speed.  They’re going to be good this year.  They don’t bury all their shots but they shoot overhand and take good angles.  Fundamentals, they’ve been working on them!  It’s clear.

And then we have a video of lacrosse in Belgium from last December.  Sure, it’s not current but it looks like Autumn in the video so I’m going to count it.  The Red Rhinos played the Ghent Goblins.  Someone won in unconventional, field hockey-esque fashion and all was awesome.  Belgium.  Ja.

And here we have highlights of one John Hanlon.  He’s a midfielder at some HS and is the one doing all the good stuff in this video.  If watching FoGo highlight tapes bores you as much as it does me, fast forward 45 seconds in to get past most of it.

Question: Why was that defenseman just standing in front of the goal? Duck ripped much too easily.

Finally, another highlight tape of a high school kid.  Jacob Dauz, also a middie, but out of Newtown, CT this time.  What level of college lacrosse are Mr. Dauz and Hanlon destined for?  I bet they’re asking themselves that right now.