Hot Pot Of Lax: All Lacrosse Around The World

Uganda Beach Lacrosse
Uganda Beach Lacrosse group shot.

In today’s Hot Pot, we’ll be looking at lacrosse from around the world.  Lax has long been viewed as a North American sport, but that is quickly changing.  The growth of the sport is astounding sometimes, and to see the game being played on 6 of seven continents is a huge step!  There is now lacrosse on every continent except Antarctica.  Guess we just need to get those penguins playing!

In Africa, the Uganda Lacrosse League is up and running.  The Warriors, Kings, Strykers, Oneonta, and Panthers are all competing on the men’s side and on the women’s side, the Doves and Angels are vying for Ugandan lacrosse supremacy.  So far Oneonta and the Warriors are 2-0, and Strykers have been ripping it up at 1-1.  Kings and Panthers have yet to win a game, but are playing very competitively.  The best thing about this is that when Uganda puts together a national team for Denver in 2014, they will have a good number of players with experience to choose from.

And Uganda isn’t stopping there!  When they find the time, the Uganda Lax crew manages to also play beach lacrosse, and the turnout has been getting better with each trip.  Ibra Jafar sent me a quick update on beach lax, and it looks awesome!  This past trip had over 40 men and women in attendance, and there was music, lacrosse, and swimming, along with a lot of fun.  On Feb 19th, they’ll head back out to the beach, and will be joined by Kevin Dugan, of Fields of Growth.  It should be a great day!

Uganda Beach Lacrosse
Uganda Beach Lacrosse group shot.

The coolest thing about this is that Uganda Lacrosse is building a TRUE COMMUNITY around their sport.  They play hard, love the game and find ways to bring it in to their daily lives.  I continue to be inspired by everyone involved in Uganda Lacrosse!!!!

Over in Asia, a LOT has been going on.  Probably too much for a quick hitter like this!  So check out the Thailand Lacrosse Association’s blog on Asia Lacrosse.  It’s a great update and really shows just how much activity is going down all across Asia.

A little video action from Japan:

Europe is busy prepping for the European Championships, which will take place this summer in Amsterdam.  I’m definitely hoping to get over to Europe for the EC12 tournament, and as long as I don’t have another conflict, I’ll be there. I’m VERY excited to see all these European national teams play in person!  The Dutch Lacrosse group that is organizing the event is doing a KILLER job so far, and this just might be the biggest lacrosse event continental Europe has EVER seen.  The World Games in Manchester were big, but the EC12 is going to be equally important.

On another Euro note, I’ll be headed to the Alese Hrebesky Memorial box tourney in Prague in April, and I’ll be playing with the Salt Shakerz.  The chance to play box in Europe on an open air turf field in the middle of a picturesque town is just too much to turn down.  Radotin, Czech Republic, here I come!  Chris Fox, one of our Canadian writers, will also be making the trip, as will reader Kevin Hill, and I’m pumped to ball on the same floor as these two fine men.

The video below starts at the 1:05 mark and is well worth a watch!  CJ Greene, the organizer of the Salt Shakerz can be seen in the intro. Classic CJ.

In North America we’ve seen the emergence of two new box leagues this winter, and while the NALL is off to a slow and contentious start, the Canadian version of a new pro box league is doing really well!!!!  The games and action are solid and while it’s not the NLL, it is good box lacrosse, and well worth watching!

Another really cool event taking place in North America is the lacrosse tournament in Mexico City that will take place this February.  The Brooklyn Dodgers will be down there playing, and reporting on all they see and experience.  It should be a real Grow the Game kind of moment!

In South America, the Copa America is just around the corner!  We got a great email from Rico Nakouzi with some details, and we can’t believe this event is slipping under the radar!!!!!  It seems so awesome!!!!

COPA AMÉRICA de LACROSSE to be played in Colombia later this year from October 27- November 4.  Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing games, not only in the US, but the in world.  Unfortunately, it has been a great challenge for teams in South America to acquire any sort of  Lacrosse equipment due the lack of companies only having stores in US.  This is a new Market in South America, this could be a great step towards making Lacrosse the most popular sport in the world. Unlike the US were Lacrosse competes with other professionals sports, Lacrosse would only strive against soccer in Latin America.  Mexico will be rank the # 1 team in the tournament because of their participation in past FIL events. The South America committe is still looking for sponsors.

VERY cool. South America has a ton of potential for lacrosse growth, and we LOVE seeing people from the continent organizing their own events. That’s how you take control and GTG!!! Love it, Rico!

Finally, down in Australia, the weather is starting to cool off a bit (they are in summer right now) and that means lacrosse training is starting up again.  In Western Australia, the Bayswater Lacrosse Club is renovating their club house, which will be a great boost for the club.  Over at Wembley (where I played in 2001), training has already started up, and the Wolves are looking to stay on top of the WA Lax Ladder again in 2012.  The Aussies can ball!  Should be another great year of lacrosse Down Under!



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