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Warrior is currently searching for their newest Brand Marketing Manager. As a BMM, you’ll own the brand vision for Warrior Lacrosse and Brine Lacrosse. You’ll travel 30 to 40% of the time, aiding sales calls and working with creative agencies – don’t worry, not those creative agencies. YOU will be the brand champion! From day one, you’re breath will reek of brand equity, and if you do your job right… by 2025, Dave Morrow will be the guy you send on coffee runs.

So what’s it going to take to land this job? Let’s walk through the desired candidate profile and see if you’re qualified.

Con Bro Chill once interned for Warrior, but the former BMM didn't take advantage.
Con Bro Chill once interned for Warrior, but the former BMM didn’t take full advantage.

First, the obvious – Do you want to work at Warrior Lacrosse? Cool, next question.

Got a college degree in business or marketing? How bout an MBA? Four to eight (read: 3) years of experience in brand marketing for a sporting goods company or lifestyle brand? Now you’ve passed the screening process.

So tell us about your lacrosse experience. It’s your passion, right? You play the game, you love the game, and you clearly have strong financial skills, correct?  Great. You’ll love P&L management!

What about project management? You need to be able to build and execute a marketing plan from the ground up for something like the Warrior Burn cleat in just a few weeks for multiple platforms – TV, Print (even though it’s dead), and this new thing called digital.  They don’t have Mobile in the job description, but you better pitch it in your interview if you really want Morrow getting you coffee in a few years.

Warrior Box Helmets… event brand marketing at work.

If you want this job, you’ve got to be a strategic thinker. You ought to be the man behind the Warrior Butt Fuzz Stadium Seat Cushion launch at the Big City Classic next year. None of this “we’re going to copy 412’s logo” crap. Urinal marketing just ain’t going to cut it.

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel? You got that. The 4 P’s of marketing? You’ve already invented a 5th. Communication skills? You’re on the same level as Quint Kessenich.

So, is this the job for you? Well then, LinkedIn is calling your name.

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