RE-UPDATED: Is The NALL In Trouble Already? Nope.

ulax box lacrosse league nyc connor wilson
Connor Wilson playing with Justin Otto last winter.

BETTER Update:

Now according to the WSJ, it looks like the league will be comprised of 6 teams and there won’t be a team in NYC.  Man, the WSJ is all over the place with this story!  They also say that the League will have its HQ in New Jersey.  Kind of sounds like there are a couple of stories out there right now… hmmmm.  But it makes for interesting press, I guess.  And now I’m participating in it.  Great.

I recently spoke on the phone with Mr. Michael Xirinachs, and he filled me in on some details.  Yes, there will be a NYC area team.  Yes, he will still own the team.  And NO, the SEC investigation has no bearing on the NY franchise or the NALL.  From Mr. Xirinachs to me, to you.  So did the WSJ make an error in their story by reporting the NYC area team was no more?  If they did, then I did too, but I’m ok with admitting that.  In this cycle of 24-7 news, it does happen.  To say otherwise, is to flat out lie.

Man, the NALL is less than 2 days old and it’s already as entertaining as the NLL!  I kid.  But really, this whole league and concept is just intriguing.  Probably because we just don’t know that much yet.

Old Post:

I was pretty excited when I saw that there are going to be three pro box/indoor lacrosse leagues next year, and my excitement doubled when I heard there was going to be a team in the New York area.  I live here, what can I say?  I’d definitely go check out some boxla games if they were close by.  Heck, I started a league in NYC last winter (outdoors) just to get some action in!  StrikerDanger did a nice job of giving us the basics and linking to a video of the press announcement.

But it seems like the NALL (North American Lacrosse League) may already be hitting a snag along the way.  The New York franchise group was (not sure if it still is) headed by Michael Xirinachs, and he seems to be in a bit of possible trouble.

Mr. Xinirachs is still involed with the team, and the issues with the SEC have nothing to do with the NALL.

Now I won’t pretend to understand exactly what is going on, but I can tell this doesn’t look good.  Not for the New York franchise, and not for the league.  SEC investigations are serious.  However, it’s something that still needs to be worked out, and as long as the NALL isn’t involved (which I personally have no idea about), this should be something the league can bounce back from easily.

A lot of people would still love to see a box team playing in Brooklyn by the way.  I’d go.  That’s one fan/possible player right there.

Ha. Player…

ulax box lacrosse league nyc connor wilson
Set the pick, roll to the inside, catch, score.


  1. I still think that games at the Pru ROCK in Newark – would draw crowds from North Jersey, Central and NYC metro …. the Devils play there.. Wouldn’t it be incredible to envision boxla bigger then hockey??? ahhh a fan can dream