Lacrosse Players will love the new LeBrons

Introducing the LBJ “After Six” Commercial

LeBron’s new shoes have been announced and that’s just plain awesome. We all love the LeBron’s. But that’s not the point! Nike can’t sell shoes for their soles. Nike sells shoes for the image they project – They reach out to your soul…  Well, look no further – the new Lebrons exude the persona I WANT. Anything I gotta do to get Nicole into me, I’ll happily do – Even if it means hookin her up with a pair of LBJ’s.

Video after the jump…

Anyway, you’ll love this. It’s a hoops-based soft core porn movie – Need I say more? Next up for the “After Six” episodes: a certain lacrosse player who happens to be sponsored by Nike…?

“You got me smilin’; I don’t smile. Got me changin’ my expression; I don’t express.”

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