Late Night On Lax All Stars

traditional Lacrosse Restrings Pocket traditional stringing lax Eagle's Nest
And something called the Eagle's Nest. Yup.

There was no Ice Box today.

After Christmas is over, I feel its always nice to take at least a couple of days off from all-out consumerism.  Only trying to maintain some perspective.

Last weekend LAS had some real feel good stories.  We gave away a couple of Grow the Game T-shirts and tried to keep you entertained with a little lacrosse action as we egg nogged our way through.  MMMM, egg nog.

And now the New Year is almost upon us.  It’s an arbitrary day, chosen to be the marker of another successful trip around a glowing ball of gas.  It is also the time for Top 10 Lists.  We’ll have Top 10 Lists.  Tumbas has a Top 50 list of gear items over on 412.  I gave my take on 10 other college lacrosse items on 412 as well.  We love gear, what can I say?

And don’t ask me why we have lists, this is just the way it is.  It is also the time for making resolutions.  We have resolutions.  Resolutions may be better than Top 10 lists. With Top 5o lists, its a toss up.

After all, it is a time to reflect, regather and focus on one’s life and their impact on others.  We will do all of that.  But more than anything, it is the time of year when we should all open our minds to all that is possible and then do with that what we will.  And like any other day, it is a time for choices and dumb luck alike to provide the current of our lives.

If you’ve made it through the utter nonsense above, congratulations!  You get this:

PEter Tumbas Pitt Pittsburgh Lacrosse Lax 412
First you gotta ice the knees...
PEter Tumbas Pitt Pittsburgh Lacrosse Lax 412
... then you ice...
PEter Tumbas Pitt Pittsburgh Lacrosse Lax 412

I hope 412 doesn’t consider this punishing it forward because these pictures have a purpose.  They show why 412 is more than qualified to put up a Top 50 gear item list.  He’s rocking Jordan cleats!  Ok, my ban on consumerism ended quickly.  Now unless you go to Pitt, you think their teams look pretty ugly.  They just don’t do uniforms that well.   But their lax team was on to something.  2011 could be a year of promise for Pitt.  Or not.  We’ll see.

Personally, I liked the Navy and Bright Yellow, but what do I know?  Tumbas even tried to bring that back!  God bless that young man and his discerning eye.

We’ll have more lists and lacrosse posts leading up to and through the New Year.  Keep tuned in, we wouldn’t want you to miss your fix.

Oh yeah, have you ever heard of  NO?!?!  Me neither.  But I checked out their site and it looks like they do fantastic work.  And they seem to use a lot of leather.  Double bonus.  Are you not amused?  Or at least impressed?  They look game ready to me.

Lacrosse Restrings Pita Pocket traditional stringing lax
Pita Pocket. Nice.
traditional Lacrosse Restrings Pocket traditional stringing lax
A more basic style of traditional.
traditional Lacrosse Restrings Pocket traditional stringing lax Eagle's Nest
And something called the Eagle's Nest. Yup.


      • connor, ive been dying to try and string a traditional pocket. the main reasons my friends and i dont use them is because we have no resources to teach us how to string one. there are far more mesh tutorials. if you can get some1 to make a goood video, or do it yourself on how to string up a trad, i guarantee my friends and i would use it more

  1. I agree it’s sad people haven’t been exposed to traditional stringing; and most likely if they have, they probably paid way too much for it. I string way too much, and there are still people on my team that seee just simple fewer and think its a rock-it pocket. I mean I know lax is a small community in WI, but its just sad to me. On a side note the “eagles”s nest” pocket is just a simple “big word” pocket mccool cane up with way back. Nothing too original in my book.