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Brett Queener Hawai'i Lacrosse Lax Wimmer
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The Lacrosse Drop Christmas Special

It’s that Christmas time of year and while everyone doesn’t celebrate the holiday, it pretty much shuts down a lot of the Western World and LAS is no exception!  To make up for us taking a couple days off to celebrate with loved ones, I’ve created the longest, most action-packed Lacrosse Drop ever.  In the past, we’ve had news, videos and photos and this Lacrosse Drop is no different.  It’s just bigger.  And better!  I haven’t actually counted but there have to be at least TWENTY-FIVE quick stories in this ONE post… consider it my present to you.

Want to Play Lax in Miami This Winter?

The Maple Danglers, a club team out of the Greater Toronto area, will be heading down to Miami to play in the annual Miami Bump & Grind Lacrosse Tournament and they’re still looking for a couple of awesome players to join their squad.  They’re looking for a couple of poles and a couple guys who can play midfield and attack.  If you’re interested, get in touch with Derek Blasutti at

Miami South Beach lacrosse
Yeah, I love Miami sometimes.

I played a game with these guys and hung out with them on the sidelines a lot last year during the New Orleans Mardi Gras Tournament and had a great time.  They’re friendly fellows, love lax and will treat you like one of their own.  If I can make it down again this year, I hope they’ll let me hop on their squad again!  Fingers crossed my schedule will allow it!  The tourney runs from January 28-30th of 2011.  I went to the Bump & Grind last year and almost had TOO much fun.  Even managed to miss a game or two!


NLL Brawl During a Scrimmage: YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!

It seems like everyone is talking about the recent brawl between the Buffalo Bandits and the Toronto Rock.  LPG posted it and I couldn’t help but commenting.  412 posted it and I copied my comment from LPG and dropped it there.  In case you missed it, I’ll sum up my comment again, but this time with a little more thought put into it.

I’m not opposed to fighting in the NLL or the NHL.  The sports are contact sports but also skill sports and you can’t have the skill guys getting killed out there every night without fear of retribution.  The NFL doesn’t allow fighting but because of this, they have really been forced to protect QBs and WRs, especially when they are pretty much defenseless.  Box lacrosse and hockey are a little more self-regulated and while I prefer this type of set-up, one does run the risk of going too far and it can happen very quickly.  The game got a little ugly very quickly as Colin Doyle took a hit up high to the chin, dropped the gloves and threw down with a Buffalo player within 2 minutes of a period starting.  The real problem here is that Doyle starts the fight, then his teammate joins the fight.  The refs should have noticed right away that this was going to continue to escalate.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Bandits vs Rock Dec 15 2010″]

Evidently, this brawl was the product of a game that had already witnessed a lot of fights.  One of the Rock players made it quite apparent that he wanted to start another one by crosschecking an opponent in the face and then trying to run him over.  Once he gets him on the ground via headlock (both players are still padded up), the Toronto player starts throwing punches with even more gusto.  When the Bandits player gets up, and Toronto guy is still on the ground under the refs’ control, the Bandits guy does the same thing.  And then all hell breaks loose.  There are multiple instances of cheap shots, third men in to fights, third men throwing punches, and guys on the ground getting pummeled by guys sitting on top of them.  It looked like a bad lacrosse remake of Slap Shot.  Great movie, sad reality.  Where is Ned Braden when you need him, huh?

This was not a fight, and it was neither honorable nor tough.  This was a gang fight where no one acted with even an ounce of class.  The refs were hapless and did a PATHETIC job of keeping this game under control, which is literally their only job out there.  While I usually don’t like to blame the refs, they deserve to be blasted as much as anyone else in this case.

There are those that will say “this is how you make a roster” or that this type of thing is “just what the sport needs” and they couldn’t be more wrong.  Sure, it might generate hype and get some eyeballs on the sport but it does so for all the wrong reasons.  And a guy might actually make an NLL team because he’s tough but that can be much better accomplished by fighting someone one on one and winning or just playing physical lacrosse.  Cheap shots and acting like a 13 year old gang banger probably aren’t too high on a lot of coaches’ talent evaluation forms.  Put the biscuit in the basket, play good D and stand toe to toe when you fight.  That’s the kind of tough guy I’d want.  Not some mouthy punk who plays without any sense of honor.  No one looks good here.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Bench Clearing Lacrosse Brawl”]


Hofstra Padding by STX

Looks like the Assault gloves by STX for Hofstra will be primarily yellow and blue with just a little white thrown in.  Their arm pads however (which will also be primarily from the Assault line), will be mostly white and blue.  I love the idea of bright yellow and blue gloves at the end of white padded arms.  I think this is a design trend we could see more and more of, especially next year after teams copy Hofstra.

Think something like these lines but with some minor changes:

Hofstra 2011 STX Assault Lacrosse Gloves
I'm glad to see they got away from mostly white mittens!
Hofstra Lacrosse 2011 STX Assault Lacrosse Arm Guards
These are basically their pads but the elbow cap trim is blue, I think.


The Lighter Side of Lax

After that NLL rant, let’s get back to smiling and loving life.  And Sammiches.  Mmm, Sammiches. Thanks to J. Sumner for the pic!

Samich please lacrosse sandwich blog goal lax


More Lighter Side of Lax

Thanks to PJ Rybczynski for making me hungrier than I have ever been in my entire life.  Those real Buffalo, NY wings are making me salivate big time.  The LAS sticker adds a nice touch of extra jealousy!

LAS sticker buffalo wings


UC Irvine and Asics Sitting in a Tree…

LPG showed off some Asics cleats a couple of months back and to some this was big news: Asics made cleats for lacrosse.  When I lived in Australia in 2001, a TON of guys wore Asics cleats and turf shoes and its nice to see the company make its way into Men’s Lacrosse more in the USA.  Asics will also be providing uniforms to UC Irvine Lacrosse and I’m excited to see what they come up with!  For more info, check out our post on!


Custom Gloves for Huntington HS on Long Island

Huntington is a legendary lacrosse high school out on Long Island.  Tons of D1, D2, D3 and MCLA studs have come out of this school and they usually keep it pretty simple with their helmets and their gloves.  I REALLY wish they had gone all Navy with just a touch of white instead of the other way around but with teams that only use 2 colors, white gloves are ok.

Huntington High School Lacrosse STX lax gloves K18 2011


Fogo Video

If you want to be the best, learn from the best!  Check out this video of John Glynn (Cornell Grad and all-around nasty laxer) and Matt Schomburg (FoGo legend) showing you how its done.  I love and appreciate the art of face offs, even though I am not very good at it! @ Del Norte High, San Diego from laxratz, inc on Vimeo. also hosted a College/Senior FoGo combine and in this era of specialization, these things can really help a player get on the field and improve their skills.  Every coach on the face of the planet is looking for someone that can consistently win them the ball at the face-off square.  How would you stack up against these current college guys and Seniors in HS?  I probably wouldn’t win one.  Ok, maybe one.
[fvplayer src=”″]


Reader Submission Dye Job

We got this amazing marble dye job submission from LAS reader, Nicholas Weinberg.  He says he’s got more dye jobs up his sleeve and next up will be an STX Surgeon.  Can’t wait to see that one but love the dye and the mesh string job on this one, Nick!  Keep up the great work!!!

nick weinberg lacrosse head dye job brine lax
It's pretty. It's so pretty.


Old School Lax Wand

I love a good Old School Lacrosse Head.  I’d love to get my hands on one of these bad boys in particular!  Thanks to Thomas Langan for the picture of his STX Lacrosse Model 73.

STX Lacrosse Lax Model 73 stick wooden shaft red lacrosse head mesh
Simple and perfect: the non-offset head.


What if Maverik Took Over the Big East Conference?

We have a reader who loves Maverik lacrosse gloves.  He doesn’t even work for the company so I find his dedication to Mav to be amazing.  This time around we have mock ups for every single Big East Lacrosse School.  Of these schools, only St. John’s is actually a Maverik team.

Big East Maverik Lacrosse Gloves


What if Maverik Took Over the NESCAC?

Our reader also knows I’m a NESCAC, and specifically Wesleyan guy, so he went ahead and did mock ups for what is by far and away the best conference in NCAA Division 3 lacrosse.  He even pulled Wesleyan out and gave us three gloves to choose from!  Love that!

NESCAC lacrosse gloves Maverik 1NESCAC lacrosse gloves Maverik 2nescac WESLEYAN maverik lacrosse gloves


More Wesleyan Glove Mock Ups

Westech (the nickname is ironic, by the way) has been on the Brine or Warrior lacrosse glove train for years and I would LOVE to see my alma mater rock these units this Spring.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see though!  Love the Warrior customizer that is linked to above!

Wesleyan Warrior Lacrosse Brass Monkey lacrosse gloves


Old School GERMAN Lacrosse Picture!

A picture from a tourney back in 2001.  This is one of the founders of German Lacrosse, Ingo Hess, who is now the AD of the BHC youth programme now.  Thanks to my man Artjom Merjasch over in Germany for the photo!  We’ve got some AMAZING stuff coming from Artjom in the very near future and I want to thank him for being patient!!

Ingo Hess German Lacrosse founder 2001 tourney lacrosse mud
Muddy, muddy, muddy. I Love Lax! And the dounle V!


Random Lacrosse Video #1

Scott Cullinan sits down with someone from the St. Joseph’s sports office to talk lax.  I’d like to know more about St. Joe’s but this video was actually pretty boring.  I put it up as an example of how not to give interviews.  Is your program improving?  Are you happy with your life?  Then act like it!  I appreciate that he isn’t being a total whack job and he may be a very serious young man in real life but this is a chance to represent your program and get kids interested.  Take advantage of it!!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Take Five: Scott Cullinan, Men’s Lacrosse”]


Random Lacrosse Video #2

Paul Rabil IS lacrosse.  Ok, not really but it does seem like that sometimes.  The guy is everywhere and with good reason.  He covers the drive to win at all times (even if it isn’t realistic) and I think this video really cuts through the BS that usually surrounds sports commercials and gets back to the real.  I like it!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Maverik Lacrosse : Redemption featuring Paul Rabil”]


Random Lacrosse Video #3

Pat Coyle’s claim to fame might be more hits from behind (and to the face area) than anyone else.  Ever.  I really wanted to play in the NLL until I saw this video. And the brawl video.  That didn’t look like very much fun either actually.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Pat Coyle: Rock Solid montage”]


Random Lacrosse Video #4

Brodie Merrill of the Edmonton Rush talks lax.  Pat Coyle needs to listen to Brodie’s first point!!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Brodie Merrill answers our Questions!”]


Random Lacrosse Video #5

Speaking of the Edmonton Rush, we have some video from their recent training camp.  Box lacrosse drills still confuse me sometimes but most of this made a lot of sense.  Not great finishing in this video though… a lot of missed shots… that’s what you have Training Camp!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Training Camp”]


Random Lacrosse Video #6

Highlights from Duke Lacrosse back in 1999?  Sure, why not?!?!?!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Duke Lacrosse Highlights 1999″]


Random Lacrosse Video #7

More on the Iroquois National Lacrosse Team‘s exclusion from the 2010 FIL World Championships.  Jack Kaley, the current German National Team Head Coach and former NY Tech HC drops knowledge.  His analysis is spot on, as usual!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Iroquois Lacrosse”]


Random Lacrosse Video #8

Lax in Slovakia?  Awesome.  I really dig the classical music in the background…

[fvplayer src=”″]


Random Lacrosse Video #9

This is how hard you train to be a winner.  All these guys do is WIN.
[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Hardcore Sports”]


Hop Valley (Oregon) Men’s Club Team Uniform Mock Ups by PROAthletics

Hop Valley Lacrosse unform MockUp


Lacrosse Photo Gallery

Jeff Struble of the Marburg Lacrosse Club in Germany sent over some photos recently from a photo shoot they decided to do.  Luckily for them (and for us!), it happened to snow right before the shoot and the results are really amazing.  All credit goes to the Marburg LC and to Malte Babion, a Marburg LC alum and professional photographer.  These pictures are epic!!!

Marburg Lacrosse CLub Germany

Marburg Lacrosse CLub Germany

Marburg Lacrosse CLub Germany

Marburg Lacrosse CLub Germany Snow

Marburg Lacrosse CLub Germany Snow

Marburg Lacrosse CLub Germany Snow________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hawai’i Photos

Better late than never!  These are pretty aweome though so they’re well worth it!  Thanks to Matt Sauri for the pics!

Andrew Wasik Hawaii Wimmer SOlutions Lacrosse

Brett Queener Hawaii Wimmer SOlutions Lacrosse