March Madness Brackets Determined Solely By Lacrosse

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I know less than most when it comes to college basketball year in and year out.  The turnover rate of players, and sheer mass of teams moving up and down make it almost impossible for me to predict games with any accuracy whatsoever.  But I know lacrosse!  So the answer has to be fill my brackets in as if these schools were playing lacrosse.

loyola lacrosse
I feel like Loyola is going to throw me off already.

Is it a futile effort?  Probably.  But somehow I think I might do better than if I just picked teams based on their actual basketball ability.  That would be lost cause!

So here are all four of my regional brackets, and each game was decided based on who I thought would win in a lacrosse game.  Let’s see how I do!!!!  After each round I’ll create new brackets with the winners and try to pick THOSE game via my predicted lacrosse outcome.  It’s all very scientific.

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Now on to the lacrosse-inspired brackets:

ncaa regional bracket march madness
Some good lax games, right?
ncaa regional bracket march madness
Any disagreements yet?
ncaa regional bracket march madness
This wasn't THAT easy.
ncaa regional bracket march madness
Really wanted to go OSU here... oh well. Lacrosse rules!

Ok, so there is HALF the bracket!  And you can see how we’re doing things here.  So who will win the games in the other half of the bracket? Got any upsets for us?

Good luck to those of you participating in the March Madness Challenge!