NEW Warrior TII Duke Helmets

Navy and Blue on their white helmets. Duke is going to look GOOD this year!

Warrior has recently unveiled their new TII Helmet. We saw Kevin Leveille wear the TII shell with a Brine Triumph cage at Hawaii for the Crease Monkeys. We saw a plain-Jane white and navy model. And recently, we saw a behind the scenes shot of a mockup for Princeton.  It might not be the actual helmet they use during the season, as stickers are constantly being tweaked, but it gives you some idea of where they’re going.  Maybe.  Let’s just say this isn’t necessarily final.

Possible Orange chin for Princeton!?!? SO Risque!

Well now we have the cream of the crop so far: a prototype of what one of the potentially numerous Duke helmets could look like in the Spring of 2011!  I wouldn’t be surprised to see slight changes once the season rolls around, but this is pretty sweet – I hope they don’t change it too much!  The back panel fade is especially cool in that it connects to the chin piece and fades to a lighter blue at the back of the helmet, which matches the visor and logo. Very nice!

Navy and Blue on their white helmets. Duke is going to look GOOD this year!
The back panel fade is special, but pretty basic. Looks smart.
Revamped facemask will sit close to your eyes, hopefully resulting in better vision. Can't wait to try one out myself!


    • “To warriors credit It is original”

      This is a joke, right? The helmet is nearly the same exact thing as the Brine Triumph, which is the mask it has, not the mask of a venom. To be fair the two helmets probably look similar since Brine and Warrior both operate under New Balance ownership.

      Also the streamlined one piece shell/visor is very similar to the Pro7.