Notre Dame Lacrosse Does Media Right!

Penn State Lacrosse Notre Dame
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For years, there was never enough lacrosse out there.  This was true on TV, in print media and online.  TV coverage has stepped up, print is dying and the online market can be tricky.  But Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse has found a way to do it effectively, while still controlling the image they present to the world.  This is professional level coverage, done by the team itself, to promote the program.  Hard to say things look up for ND, considering they went to the National Championship game last year, but they do: things look up for ND!

They’ve got highlights up from their win over Penn State:


A fantastic Ryan Hoff highlight reel from 2010:

A Final Four montage:

And on top of all that, they’ll be updating their fans via youtube all season long.  Notre Dame gets a LOT of coverage, yet they still go the extra mile to get their program name out there.  Now if your team ISN’T getting the coverage AND you’re not putting out this kind of content, you’re now behind in two ways.  Time to get on the latter, because you can control that!  TIp of the hat to Notre Dame for their efforts so far.  Very impressive.

Penn State Lacrosse Notre Dame
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