Report Card: 2012 NLL Jerseys By Reebok Lacrosse


Earlier this week, the National Lacrosse League released their jerseys for the up coming 2012 season, which kicks off January 8th.  And it looks as though Reebok has produced a lacrosse jersey equivalent to its Edge Hockey Series jersey.  At this point it is hard to determine which jersey would be designated as home or away as there has only been one jersey from each franchise released (although Minnesota has released two).  I contribute and interact on many blogs dedicated to hockey jerseys and concepts (Hockey Jersey Concepts, Icethetics), and I also have a library of lacrosse jerseys which I have mocked-up while teaching myself Adobe Illustrator, which I hope to share soon.

We might even host a contest where readers can mock-up their own jerseys!  Below, I drafted up a visual comparison of the Reebok Edge hockey jersey to the new NLL jersey.  After that I will provide my personal opinion and rate each jersey from a scale from 1 (Awful), 2 (Poor), 3 (Average), 4 (Good), 5 (Excellent).

Reebok Hockey vs lacrosse jersey Edge Series
Hockey (L) vs Lacrosse (R)

Buffalo Bandits

I like this jersey jersey a lot, and here is why. It’s extremely consistent!  The Bandits have had this solid all-black look for several years now. Hopefully we see that same consistency in their white jersey.  It would be awesome to have the third jersey featuring the large Bandit face and even the Retro jersey as well.  It’s a new jersey, but the same look.  And a look that works.

Score – 5

To see the Bandits new jerseys, head on over to IL.

Buffalo Bandits NLL jersey lacrosse
This is a must have jersey still. 
Buffalo Bandits NLL jersey lacrosse
Another Classic.
Buffalo Bandits NLL jersey lacrosse
Outrageous, and we love it.

Calgary Roughnecks

I like the red, and I like the new secondary logo on the shoulders because it incorporates the oil rig. With that being said, that’s why I loved the old uniforms!  The Riggers’ jerseys from 2010 incorporated the oil rig along each side of the jersey, whereas now they have a sublimated fade down the side, red to black.  I do like these uniforms better than last years gross tenth anniversary jerseys.  However, in my eyes it’s still a pretty weak attempt.  There’s just no character there.

Score – 2

New Jerseys on IL.

Calgary Roughnecks NLL Jersey Reebok Lacrosse
A past beauty….
Calgary Roughnecks NLL Jersey Reebok Lacrosse
I liked this one too.

Colorado Mammoth

Mammoth jerseys have always been one of my favorites. They always the great things that all lacrosse jerseys should have – A large logo, subtle sublimated fade, and something unique and original that replaces traditional hockey strips at the bottom of the jersey. Check, check, and check! Crosscheck even.  The only thing I would add is that amazing Mammoth Head Secondary Logo they came out with two years ago onto each shoulder.  I might lose the team names on the cuffs and the solid black shoulders.  Overall, very good!

Score – 4

New Jerseys on IL.

This logo needs more cowbell.

Edmonton Rush

I really don’t know where to start.  The first positive thing I will point out is that I like the attempt of “Edmonton” in script and the striping on the arms and bottom of the jersey. And conceptually, I like the attempt.  Unfortunately, I think it was executed poorly.  As much as I love the script, they also included the team logo on the front of the jersey, which also has “Edmonton” above “Rush” in the logo.  So they are now the Edmonton Edmonton Rush.  Calling the redundant school of redundancy.  I have never really given the Rush jersey much thought.  Although they tried to incorporate orange last year with an outline of alberta on the back, to highlight a major sponsor.  I thought that idea was executed much, much better than the jerseys this year.  I would argue that their jerseys their first year in the league are still their best jerseys.

Score – 2

New Jerseys on IL.

Edmonton Rush NLL Jersey Reebok Lacrosse
Go Back to the Beginning

Minnesota Swarm

I loved their major concept when it first came out (the stripping down the arms). The Swarm first used it as a third jersey option, which found itself into the rotation as their home jersey, which then found itself a white version on the road.  I still like these jerseys, but I do not like the honey comb on the shoulder addition. I think the honey comb would be better suited on the short and/or at the bottom of the jersey, fading up into the white or blue, respectively.  I think it is a great idea incorporating the honey comb but I think it could have been better placed on the jersey or even if it stayed on the shoulder but the Primary Logo was also moved to the shoulder, to break up the honey comb pattern.  In concert with the stripes, it’s a bit much.

Score – 4

2012 Minnesota Swam NLL Lacrosse Jerseys Reebok
The Whites.

Rochester Knighthawks

I have thought for a while now that the Knighthawks jerseys were taking a turn for the worse and had started to resemble CareBears ever since they started putting tiny stars on the chest of the jerseys. This jersey needs some strips or solid colour or at least some lines to break it up. This jersey looks very practice jersey-esque.

Score – 1

New Jerseys on IL.

Rochester Knighthawks NLL Lacrosse Jerseys Reebok
I liked this better.

Toronto Rock

Much like the Buffalo Bandits and the Colorado Mammoth, the Rock seem to have made a commitment to consistency.  This is a great choice on their part. This jersey provides a number of colour variations, much like we have sen in the past.  And this is a great jersey.  The only thing that I would change, which is usually a no-brainer, are the shoulder patch logos. They are facing the front, which almost makes them look like broaches. Flip those around the proper way and ‘perfection’.

Score – 5

New Jerseys on IL.

Philadelphia Wings

When I first saw these jerseys on IL I hated them. I saw them a second time as Brodie Merril and Dan Dawson were wearing them on the cover of this month’s IL magazine. And I actually like them as a complete uniform.  That doesn’t go without saying that I do not like the other jersey I posted below. These jerseys were worn during an exhibition game this preseason. These almost appear to be the jerseys from last season. But I think these jerseys are practically flawless. I have always hated names on the bottom of the jerseys, front or back. But I have warmed up to the new jersey. The Wings also have another trick up their sleeve when it comes to jerseys this season!

Score – 3

New Jerseys on IL.

2011 Beauty

Philadelphia Wings NLL Lacrosse Jerseys Reebok
These were pretty sweet though!
Philadelphia Wings NLL Lacrosse Jerseys Reebok
The backs.

Washington Stealth

I hate to be negative to end the post, but unfortunately, I did this in alphabetical order and the Washington Stealth have come out with a hideous jersey for the 2012 season.  Most quality practice jerseys separate colour by simply limiting colour change to individual panels. This jersey looks extremely “practice jersey-esque”. The Pacific North West Native American Fox, which was introduced last year as the Stealth’s new mascot, although it is great for the logo of your mascot, translates poorly onto a jersey.  At least when it’s used that small.  I am a big fan of the Vancouver Canucks Native American inspired Orca, but not of the Stealth’s Fox… which is unfortunate for obvious reasons. Washington/San Jose has never been strong in the jersey department.  But when they were Albany they were one of the best dressed! Great colour scheme!

Score – 1

New Jerseys on IL.

Albany Attack MILL NLL Jersey
THe Albany Attack jerseys from back in the day.



    • I would love to see the fox become the new logo. But as the logo currently stands, it is off balanced and line structure is off, it does not translate well as a professional sports logo. I also agree with you on losing the WA state outline.

  1. I have to disagree with you a bit here.  If any team looks like they are wearing practice jerseys, it has to be Buffalo.  They are solid black for crying out loud.  Last time I checked, the cheapest practice jerseys were a solid color.  At least the Stealth mix things up a bit…
    Speaking of the Stealth, why didn’t they rebrand when they moved?  Now that the fox is creeping onto the jerseys, it seems like a rebrand would be a wise move.
    On that note, I miss their Snake Eyes mascot/logo.
    Looking at these jerseys tells me that the league has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many black and red teams.  A full third of the league wears that color scheme (Calgary, Philly, Washington). Two more wear just black (Buffalo, Edmonton). And yet another wears a close scheme (Colorado).  So that’s 2/3 of the league wearing black.  Talk about “black for black’s sake…” 
    Props to the Rock for nailing the most classic colors combo.  And to the Swarm for being different.  Color scheme is the only thing the Knighthawks jersey gets right…
    Surely we can get some teams with different base colors like green, orange, and purple.  Yes, I realize Buffalo has those two in their logos, but they are noticeably absent on the jerseys themselves.  Colorado could emphasize the maroon over the black – hell adopt the Av’s color scheme since they share their home venue and owner.

    • Buffalo has been using those black jerseys for the last 4 years. They didn’t change a thing. Less is more and in the case of the Buffalo Bandits they have hit it spot on these last 4 years.

      I totally agree with the red/black colour scheme. The Boston Blazers also had the same colour scheme. The should have went with the green/burnt orange/white, classic, and unique.

  2. I am watching PHI @ BUF right now on Live Stream and the Philly uniforms actually look pretty good. Bumping their grade up to a 4.5 from a 3. The away Jerseys would have received a perfect 5/5 if the had numbers on the sleeves instead of logos!

  3. However, Toronto does have those nice black thirds.  Colorado did a better job with their anniversary jerseys than Calgary. And Washington needs to bring “scary-eyes” back as the logo looked great at the center of the turf in SJ (thought the state logo must go).  Rochester made no sense with the of colored logo and stars, but I agree completely that they should have a white and black home and roads and bring the retro teals back.
    Now let’s see what the NLL all -star jerseys look like . . .